Moto E 4= Carrier Agnostic for $100/$130

A pretty good deal for the new MotoE4. It will work on any of the big four, has decent specs, and a fingerprint sensor to boot. Moto E4 released as Android's sweetest deal - SlashGear

If you have amazon prime I'd hold out for prime day - the g5 plus looks like it is going to get discounted. Of course if you hate lockscreen ads then nevermind.

The E4 is a decent buy though. Supposed to have a decent camera for the price.

Lots of all carrier motorola phones coming - X4, Z2 Play, G5S, G5S plus, E4 plus.

Yeah, Prime day, the 11th. Must get up early, do some pushups, loosen up the fingers, for one must be ready and quick to pounce in order to seal some serious deals. I've got too many phones, but I might add one more if the g5 is discounted enough. Thanks for the heads up.

If you want to use on cellnuvo or tello etc then the sprint sim you need is SIMGLW416Q. If you are not buying the prime version you might as well buy from Ting as theirs comes with the sim.

Is anyone aware of how the Moto E4 stacks up against the Moto G4 Play? The only comparison I could find looked very similar on specs, but I hesitate to draw too much from that source since it was comparing the international versions.
It seems the Play version may have been plagued by GPS problems.

I believe the E4 is better all round. A lot of similarities but there is a metal back, a finger print sensor, will get more updates since it starts with 7.1, camera appears better. Updated processor. Probably should have just named it the G5 play.

E4 bestbuy - Add $25 simple mobile airtime and a $1 sim and get the whole package for $104.99. You can sell the simple mobile stuff if you want and the phone is carrier unlocked.

G5 plus prime day - 64gb version with ads for $179.99. Regular price without ads $299.99. Regular price with ads = $239.99

You can get the 32gb one cheaper too ($154.99) but for an extra $25 there is little point. You get 4gb ram vs 2gb ram in the 64gb storage version.

Do you have a link to this? I'm having trouble finding it. Thx.

Nevermind. Found it!

Yes this phone checks off a lot on my list. Including removable battery

The 16meg storage is no better than my old Samsung galaxy s3. Would of liked to see 32.. even with sd card I find 16meg tight.

Since ting and tello and other low cost carriers. Have this. Then it is a good chance cellnuvo will have this in their shop?

Off-topic here, but if anyone is looking for a decently high spec 4-carrier phone on sale for only a few more hours, see Amazon Prime Moto G5 Plus for ~$180

Nice of you.. I have no prime :frowning:

That phone is nice but has ads right?

Just curious does it have removable battery?

I have the Moto G4 bought about 1 year ago, with Amzn ads. It's a very nice phone. Even better would have been the Moto G4 Plus. But the Moto G5 Plus is a good improvement over that.

4 carrier is nice. I swap between Tello & FP LTE SIM, as needs arise.

So you swipe ads for phone credit

You swipe ads for new phone

You swipe ads to unlock your phone???

This post brought to you by

(HELPS WITH FINGER PAIN) caused by swiping or pointing to family member in a amazement

You have hit on one of the truisms about marketing, and in a way that made me smile :slight_smile: -- everyone wants to profit from the consumer in an additional manner. At least some are seemingly upfront about doing so, and offer something in return. I would group both CellNuvo and Amazon lockscreen devices into this category. It's obvious what you're giving up, and you decide if it's worth it to you or not.

Most are far less obvious, and IMOP far more insidious. Amazon has policies throughout their empire that are far less transparent.

You can usually get these amazon phones for cheaper elsewhere without the ads - or at least very close. B&H photo for example is tax free in most states so that takes off a chunk of the cost. Then there are always deals like the bestbuy one I posted for the E4 and that phone has been out for what a month? The price of the g5 plus will drop soon when the g5s is launched in a few months as well.

For those who do not know bh photo. They been around for decades. They started in high end and low end camera's and lenes. Like Nikons ect and studio camera's. Over the years they branched out. Many others went bk. They did not
Years ago you could negotiate

I've been using B&H since my medium format wedding photography days (may they rest in peace).

I used them countless times and never had a single problem.

I'll agree that B&H are good folks-- I buy audio equipment there, too, sometimes.
Once you get beyond photo equipment, they're a basic internet discounter source: I don't believe they have any expertise in general electronics. If you know what you want, they're reliable, honest, and fast. If you need help with figuring out what you want, buy from someone who knows and is willing to assist. (Expect to usually pay more for that, too.)