More Indictments?


I don't think he should worry so much. He is still President and can pardon himself.

This is only the 2nd of probably a half a dozen or so more indictments that will happen within the next year. Not only is the guy a walking indictment, he constantly sabotages his own defense & the king of self-own.

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The indictment has been unsealed and it is :firecracker: :fire: :firecracker: :fire: :firecracker: :fire: :firecracker: :fire: :firecracker: :fire:

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It's amusing that the orange menace keeps on posting "ELECTION INTERFERENCE" as more and more people are reporting that he is soon going to be indicted for that as well!

Who saw Trump's interview with Brett Baier on Faux News? Many people are saying Brett was excellent but are missing the point that the DOJ wrote the indictment so well that all a "journalist" had to do was read the indictment to know how to question the defendant.

Anyway, here is a link to a very short highlights edit of the interview.

Trump interviewed on Fox by Brett Baier

So who will be indicting and arresting Trump next? Fani Willis or Jack Smith again?

Could very well be Jack Smith.

What will be interesting this time is which of his fellow co conspirator traitors will be joining him.

And whether they take overt steps to have their cult members they have cultivated from far and wide, become the violent thugs they dream of being.

I am anxious to hear if Jack Smith brings any criminal charges based on the December 18, 2020 meeting when Trump's "Team Crazy" battled with "Team Normal". Almost certain that any unsealed indictment in such a case would be an even bigger head scratcher than the one for Mar-a-Lardo.

Well Jack Smith is on Twitter you know.

Very informative and amusing.

MAGAts seem to believe it is really him and as we know, they are rarely wrong.

Here we are again: waiting for an indictment #3. Could be this week or next. #4 should be not far behind. Might even be within the next 30 days. So glad this country is trying to get rid of the swamp which is Donald Trump and all his sycophants as #3 & #4 will probably be focused on his illegal election interference.

Michigan already indicted fake electors who were part of Trump's scheme

Trump's plane recently landed in Asheville NC which is where Meadows lives. There was no event scheduled there. Meadows was thought to have flipped but who knows what coordination is going on. Who knows if Trump has kompromat over Meadows as it looks like he has over Lady G.

The Republicans are the real swamp and Trump is a mob boss. Hundreds of cult members have gone to jail, yet millions of cult members still believe Trump is innocent or if he's guilty they don't care because he makes them feel good.

When the next round of indictments comes out, there will be over 10 other Republicans also indicted. Then you'll hear an amplification that the Democrats are persecuting their political opponents, and the cult will lap it up.

Doesn't matter if the FBI Director was appointed by Trump or Trump's appointee Bill Barr already weaponized the DOJ to investigate Trump's enemies. Doesn't matter that Trump pressurized the IRS to investigate his enemies. Doesn't matter if Trump appointed the US Attorney that investigated Hunter Biden and Bill Barr got personally involved in the investigation. The lack of charges is still a deep state cover up! And then there was Durham. Spent twice as long as Mueller and spent millions more, and got laughed out of court. Doesn't matter that multiple Trump associates were convicted. The cult is locked in!

Holy shit! Superseding charges on Trump are :fire:.

He asked his employee to delete the server. LOCK HIM UP!

BREAKING NEWS: Picture of MAGAt reading the latest Trump indictment:


The Maga supporters probably are all aware of the indictments. It is just that they treat any non-sense responses Trump uses in public as legitimate legal defenses. Them repeating his stupid crap is an embarrassment and makes sane people shake their heads. Courts will never allow his lawyers to use the "Presidental Act" or "First Amendment" as a defense and turn the proceedings into a clown show.

I am going to speculate that throughout his years in school, Donald Trump has never legitimately passed a class. Yes, any class. Reason is he: does not read, makes things up, and believes he is never wrong. I am further going to guess that the only reason teachers gave him a D instead of an F was they wanted wanted to take no chances of him repeating the subject and ending up back in their class.

The orange menace's lawyer wants the trial televised. Why? Because they want footage of Trump's "persecution" for his reelection campaign even if he's sitting in the slammer.

We are well beyond the "I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose support" moment. Trump is a domestic terrorist who tried to end democracy and his supporters are all in.

I get the impression that the DOJ and most judges understand the Trump threat and want to get this trial started ASAP.

That is what happens when you let somebody get away with everything his whole life. He learns nothing. Instead the next time, he takes it up a notch. Trump (who probably could not pass the 3rd grade) continues to think he is above the law.

What other defendant accused of over 70 felony counts also gets to remain free without ever posting bail? He has shown over the years that everybody he targets requires additional security. How many people is that? Hundreds??? When is enough, enough?

Trump should be held in a cell without bail until his trials are over. He has constantly demonstrated that he is a threat to public safety.

Everything he is doing now is what he thinks he needs to do to become President.

Whether that means getting elected or violence, he doesn't care. Even if it is civil war, he doesn't care.

We already have the evidence that everyone around him was telling him to stop the violent insurrection and he refused.