More Fake News

Talk about sad news, let alone fake news. I know of a person who lived to be well over 100 years of age who drank several glasses of whiskey everyday. And how about W.C. Fields who consumed ginormous amounts of alcohol and lived to age 66. "I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food."

The alcohol industrial complex won't like these findings one bit.

I used to enjoy maybe 1/2 a Stout on a hot evening - but cannot digest the stuff anymore so I'm a bad example for this - but what the heck - breathing is bad for us as well - so where does one draw that invisible line ?!?

Good point. As someone pointed out, living in and of itself is risky, and what amount of that should we not do. I think the main consequence of the study is that it puts to bed the highly circulated idea that moderate alcohol consumption has health benefits, and that it is wrong to assume the pleasant drug effect and, perhaps, the pleasurable taste sensation produced by alcohol consumption has any connection to better health. And, further, because about one out of seven people have their lives negatively impacted by the many people who become addicted to the drug effect of alcohol, showing that alcohol consumption has no health benefits whatsoever may indirectly foster a more beneficial attitude towards its use.Good luck with that.:slight_smile:

What do we ever really know ??
How much do we actually know ?!?
(I dunno.)((And neither do the drug peddlers or their critics IMO.))

Of ONE thing I am quite certain=>
-ALL- the drug peddlers sure do make loads of $$$ peddling...whatever.

And...whilst on the topic of drugs - I just adore this one which is about my ONLY (& beloved) daily drug use:

In fact, I'm enjoying my 1st of the daily 2 cups of it RIGHT NOW !!!
(And yes, I prefer my blueberry flavoured coffee as opposed to the $11/cup wet cigar & asphalt taste so well described that is IMO unfit for consumption.)

Thanks for the "ads". Whoever Roger is, he's hilarious while telling it like it is.

Deja Vu. It was just as funny the second time around.

I think I've bumped into that one & watched it mebbe 4-5 times (including today...) and it still tickles me !!