Money making app

True story guys, last week i found this app. At first i thought that its a scam but next day one of my friends talked about it so i downloaded it too. So in one week i made 20$ just by keeping this app on my phone :smiley: Not sure how it works but seems legit

So you found it but you didn't download it until your friend told you about it?

How did you find it?

Looks like you're new, here, and new on a bunch of other forums-- and writing similar posts on all of them. Seems not legit.

I looked at the app listing on Google Play. The description sounds like one would be agreeing to turn your phone, and/or your home network, into a zombie for the developer to use at will.
Seriously, it sounds so intrusive that I'd think it must be an inaccurate description, or I have seriously overestimated Google's policing of dangerous apps.

Buyer beware?

A hypothetical idea for this thing...
Using an non-activation able Kitkat phone via a wifi 'G' connection, sitting in the laundry closet, powered up 24/7 with its mic & camera stopped - what is to worry about ??

Looking at its GP page, here:
As well as some open searching - it looks to have no active complaints against it (yet ??).

And like all other things of this nature - if/when it goes bust, perhaps after paying out a what ??

Suggestions, comments regarding this hypothetical situation ??

This is the perfect setup for obtaining free data access to do some aggressive bitcoin mining.

Do you think? Smells to high heaven

"I make $15K a month working from home..." haha

Better then living at home in the basement

That was a joke on those random posts you see on forums, haha

Come on reveal your secrets, this swiping for pennies is killing me. lol

Sounds like a honey wagon.