Modern day okies

I usually travel cross country with a fifth wheel rig at least twice a year for work..
Usually I plan a general route which all goes to h***ll as soon as weather conditions, friends invitations, medical conditions change..
I bit the technology bug, and bought a used 8" tablet with GPS, 2,3g 850/1900/2100MHz.
Iv'e downloaded and played with here we go ( thanks KentE) It's great for inputting a destination and getting directions to get there.

Now what i'm looking for, is,
How, when those unexpected route changes, breakdowns, medical conditions arise, do i find out what my options for repairs, campgrounds etc. are available offline,
or the cheapest way to access cell data while stuck on the side of the road

I don't know much about them, but some seem to like MAPS.ME or Google Offline Maps

I can't seem to figure out how to get google offline maps to give up rv repair , campgrounds , supermarkets, post offices, emergency clinics, etc,
while offline,
Anyone got the magic to get the info offline?

Try Copilot, you can download maps when you have Wifi or data. Works completely offline once you have the maps installed. Device does need to have GPS which it looks like yours has.

als, I've been wondering since your earlier post-- what tablet did you get?

Is it GSM? Do you have a FreedomPop SIM in it?

Thanks I found a used 8" npole tablet with 2g 3g phone ( 850/1900/2100MHz) and gps for $40 @ amazon

I think the frequencies are gsm.
I've cleared off all the old owners gmail and other accounts I could find,
The screen has scratches but is quite useable.
I've installed here we go gps and it functions quite well . But, when I am offline and ask for the nearest hardware store/ gas station, I get no results.
I don't have any sim cards as of yet.
The next two projects are
1)Is there any way while offline to access things such as nearest gas station, campground rv repair garage while offline?
2) Who do I use for a provider with this tablet.

All advice welcomed:(

If it's a GSM tablet, a great place to start for a provider is FreedomPop.
A little care in setting up the account, and your setup costs would be under $10 (conceivably as little as $2 if you wait for the right offer). This would get you AT&T data coverage over 3G, VoIP phone (voice over data, not typical cellular voice), with 200 minutes/500 texts/700 mb month-- and no monthly cost.

As long as you're carrying a traditional cellphone already, the VoIP minutes should be very usable for placing calls while traveling-- better if you're making them from the side of the road, rest stop, etc., than while actually rolling along. I would not depend on it for incoming calls, but it's a great way to stretch out the minutes on your regular phone.
700mb will do a lot of web searches, checking on weather, news, looking for that diner/repair facility, etc. It's not enough to stream video for entertainment, and I wouldn't stream music continuously, either.

Since you have a dual-SIM tablet, it seems a no-brainer to me to load at least one slot with the FreedomPop SIM. You can always load the second SIM slot with a more traditional carrier SIM if you want traditional cellular voice.

If you want to set it up with a traditional cellular voice:

  1. You should be able to do this with Tracfone BYOD, AT&T or T-Mobile SIM, or by simply swapping an active Tracfone AT&T or T-Mo SIM into the tablet. (You need to keep the Tracfone device itself if you do this via swapping in an active SIM, because the SIM and original device are locked together.)

  2. TPO or Speedtalk (both T-Mobile) Amazon lists some extended time-period pre-loaded SpeedTalk SIMs, or perhaps one of the 'club' TPO plans offered from the Social website:
The TPO plans linked have fallback 2G-speed data after the main data allotment is used up.

  1. Red Pocket. The cheaper 360 day plan offered thru Ebay would be the least expensive RP route. (AT&T or T-Mobile)

I'm not familiar with the SIM switching on your device. If you can select each SIM for 2G OR 3G, a T-Mobile SIM might allow you to set up cellular voice on a T-Mo MVNO SIM, and simultaneous data on the FreedomPop (AT&T) SIM.

If you use an AT&T MVNO for cellular voice, you won't be able to use the FreedomPop SIM for data simultaneously-- AT&T uses 3G voice cellular voice coverage, and the 3G radio can probably only be allocated to one SIM at a time.

Since you're looking for use during extensive travels, I'd probably think about AT&T for cellular voice (for the better coverage), and live with the inconvenience of having to switch SIM selection when you need to use the FreedomPop data. (Callers would be directed to voicemail, just as if the phone was turned off-- and texts will be waiting for you when you switch the active SIM back to the cellular SIM.)