Mobile Matterz & PC Management

Tom Mannix has said the following in two separate statements:

[i]- one company that provided back office and other operational services for CellNUVO notified us they were closing their business immediately

-these issues were a direct result of our carrier partner closing their business and operations[/i]

Which company was he talking about? Mobile Matterz or PC Management? Or another one?

Does it really matter? Mobile Matterz, PC Management, and Limiteless Mobile are (were?) all interconnected.

All of the entities (possibly) involved are privately held, so knowing exactly the business arrangements, divisions, and interconnections between them is not likely to happen.
We have some visibility into Limitless Mobile because of their bankruptcy filing.

It's also possible that the total service package depended on all 3 entities: For example, maybe Mobile Matterz provided website and customer interface design & website hosting, PC Management provided number hosting and portability, and Limitless Mobile provided carrier access, with the complete package contracted through any one of the 3. From the public image projected by any of the 3 a year ago, all seemed poised to sell or resell a complete package.

"Closing their business" was also possibly considered to convey the information needed in a concise manner, while
"no longer in the business of supporting the type of business that we are in", or
"a business partner necessary for the company that provides essential services for us can no longer supply those essential services to the business providing those essential services to us"
are awkward and convey no additional information needed by subscribers of CellNuvo.

What is clear is that Mobile Matterz has drastically changed their business focus.
PC Management seems to have faded into the shadows. (Although I don't think they were ever terribly visible.)
Limitless Mobile is in bankruptcy proceedings.
Take your pick. My guess is that no matter which entity was actually contracted with CellNuvo, the ability to provide the wholesale cellular access hinged on Limitless Mobile.

I do not understand why people need to figure out "What Happened"
Maybe Tom will write a book? I personally do not need to know how the sausage is made. In fact I rather not watch that process.

This happened, it is how it is being handled that we should focus on. Lack of updates and "customers" having no service for weeks and months. Lack of fast customer service. This is what I care about. Not a WHO DONE IT mystery. That has no relevance on the future of Cellnuvo.

I'm with you on your sausage sentiments. Watching how it is made would be unappetizing to say the least, which would almost be as bad as knowing the dangerous stuff that it is made of. Yet it one of the finest tasting foods created by man, or perhaps it was a gift from the Gods, as some have opined.
And you are probably right about not knowing about how the tangled web of ill-coded commands, and missing commands, that now constitutes the inner workings of CellNUVO came to be, for it would probably be depressing. And how CellNUVO handles and untangles the current state of affairs is paramount, as you stated. But at the end of the day, given the 50 or so people who still have an interest in CellNUVO, and who constitute just a speck in the enormous world of the internet, does CellNUVO amount to more than a hill of beans, to somewhat echo what "KentE" has said?

What does the past have to do with the future.

As users we do not care so much for the past as the future.

We all agree cellnuvo made mistakes.

The difference between us users and non users bashers are we want Tom to succeed. We do not want to take cellnuvo down