Mint SIM

So one of my kids used by their 5GB of data and the throttled experience was not fun. I had a quick look at the browser speed and it wasn't good.

I put the sim into my Nexus to run Speedtest. Here are the results from 6 tests:

Ping: 25-28
Download: 0.17 to 0.83 Mbps
Upload: 4.08 to 12.27 Mbps

The upload does not seem to be throttled although later tests were at the lower end of the range. Confirmed that browsing and apps are slow.

Compared to ATT & Sprint, the ping is very good. I've always had the impression that T Mobile is good in my area. My wife doesn't find the freedompop global sim problematic even with a high ping, whereas I find the AT&T LTE sim a little slow even with a good ping.

It will be interesting to see how the Tello throttle compares.

Thats a fast throttle, thought it is supposed to be 128kbps.

Is there a charge to port a phone number to mintsim ?


no charge to port but you can only do it as a new activation.

So what is the process to retain the phone number when the sim expires? Say I try the 3-mnth plan and like it. I then order the 12-mnth plan and get another sim, can I port mintsim to mintsim? Or do they just renew the 3-mnth I currently have?

They renew the 3-month SIM, at full price. If you want to get the promotional pricing you would have to port your number out and back in.

Or use Google Voice as your primary number so you can change your MintSIM number every three months and keep the promo pricing indefinitely.

I wonder if there is any prohibition on doing that or is it fine under the ToS?

It would seem odd if the company would want that to happen.

You have to port out and then back in to go from mint sim to mintsim.

The promo price being a promo it might not last that long. It was supposed to be over in Feb sometime the last I heard but they might have extended it. Indefinitely won't be that long. You are better off getting a 12 month with a promo code if available.

MintSim is now offering 20% off 6 and 12 month renewals.

For example, for the unlimited/unlimited/2G plan, the 6 month price is now $95 and the 12 month price is now $159.

Just got my last number out of Ting. Porting to mintsim only took 5-10 minutes from Ting, wow! Happy with that. Mintsim is nowhere near as fast at my huse as Sprint (Ting) was, but, no big deal, I don't need faster. Plenty fast, 3 down, 1.5 up.

Just stumbled on this myself. Great deal for those of us on the 3 month promo.

I just ordered 3 Mint SIMs (on the 3 month 5GB promo). Hope this works out!

Finding little issues with MintSIM. Twice in one day, call got lost and disconnected, heard tones and such. Had to call back. Additionally, network speed is pretty bad half the places I seem to go. Even in Dallas TX area. Mostly usable. I tether to FP iPad when it's really bad. Here and there, it's really good so I tether from MintSIM if I am needing screen size.

Is T-Mo poor in the area? Or do you think it's dropping your QOS?

Well, even when the bars show 4 out of 5. My feeling is it's de-prioritized traffic. I had T-Mobile data on my iPad (until I discovered it was actually an unpaid for iPad and then was blocked but that's another thread), and, that data was fast pretty consistently. Don't know about voice calls, just not very good at least when moving. Never had that issue on Sprint, which is a sad thing to say.

Good to know, might want to post about it on RingPlus forums too. Maybe the company rep will reply...

Wouldn't a MintSIM service issues, by definition, be an issue with the T-Mobile network?

Not if MintSIM traffic is treated differently as happens on some MVNOs. Perhaps T-Mobile gives preference to it's own customers just like they throttle you once you reach some monthly limit, same idea.