Mint SIM

Anyone from Cali ordered this? What's the tax like? Just curious.

  • California-based customers are subject to a Prepaid MTS Surcharge on their prepaid wireless service. Click here to learn more about the Prepaid MTS Surcharge.

How about other states? This seems to apply
** Mint SIM's prepaid service is subject to a Regulatory Recovery Fee. This fee recovers costs for complying with federal, state, municipal, local and/or other governmental franchise, excise, public utility and other telecommunications taxes, fees and charges.


Subtotal $50.00
Shipping & Handling $3.44
Discount ($10 Off) -$10.00
Sales Tax - Telecom $0.06
California MTS Tax $1.27
Regulatory Recovery Fee $1.75
Grand Total $46.52

Why did you order the 3 mo plan?!? Are you planning to port again in 3 months? 12 mo plans have the lowest monthly cost.

This was back in December when the 3 month plans were on sale. $40 for the 5GB plan for 3 months is the same as $160 a year.

Yes, but what would you do for month 4-12? Regular price for 9 mo + that $40 would be more than $160, right?

Haven't decided on the next steps and still have a month to choose.

I've got a dual sim adapter on it's way, so 2 x FreedomPop LTE sims are an option. H2O $5-$10 promo sims every month is another.

Or whatever is the best 3/6/12 month deal at the time. Mint had 12 month sims at half price shortly after I got the 3 month one.

Changing phone numbers doesn't matter because the users are on Google Voice.