Mint Mobile gets political – just like all the the other telecoms

Mint Mobile has decided to follow in the footsteps of large telecoms by jumping on the “political lobbying” platform. They are financially backing this California mayor.

May the best species win :wink:

Seems that there still is enough left in the kitty after that huge $15 donation to up data on some plans starting Jan. 28th.
3gb -> 4gb
8gb -> 10gb
12gb -> 15gb

Max for POTUS-47. I hope Max was born in the United States, in dog years he will be eligible. Go Max 2024.

Edit: Upon further reading, Max was born in California so he is good to go.

This would only make sense if tmobile doesnt do any political lobbying. Otherwise mint mobile is just contributing to it.

Cute commercial, just inaccurate

The commercial in this OP is by Ryan Reynolds, the relatively new owner of Mint Mobile.
Here's another commercial from Mr. Reynold and company from December:

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