Mint Mobile 3GB and 8GB sale prices

Best Buy has the Mint Mobile 3-month 3GB SIM for $25. (And the trial SIM for $1)

Target has the Mint Mobile 3-month 8GB SIM for $45: Other plans are also on sale, but the 3GB and trial SIMs aren't as cheap as Best Buy:

3GB does sound much better than Tello 6 month with only 2GB. Would be great to have this for the next jump after Tello 6 mo deal.

I had to call Mint Mobile to deal with an account issue today (free 3 months not applied from one of the plans I purchased in December). Before I got to talk to anyone, I heard an announcement that existing plans were having their data allotments upgraded without additional cost with everyone's next cycle. Indeed, the new allotments are shown on Mint's web page.
$15: 3gb --> 4gb
$20: 8gb --> 10gb
$25: 12gb --> 15gb