Mint Mobile-- 3 months/12GB for $45

Mint Mobile has their new promo out-- you can pick the 3-month package for either 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB for $45 total. (Can't imagine why anyone would pick anything but the 12GB package, unless maybe you're betting that Mint will offer a discounted 12-month purchase like they did with the last promo, and you don't want to get trapped on a bigger plan than you'd want to have long-term.)

The FAQ page says the offer is good thru Jan 2, 2020. I think that's bad news for me, since I was hoping for another $20/3 month promo like they did last year around Black Friday. I don't think Mint has done over-lapping promos before, so this might be it for the holiday season.

I see

  • $20 cash back from Rakuten
  • $10 cash back from BeFrugal

I've had good luck with cashback for Mint purchases from both BeFrugal and Rakuten (formerly Ebates.)

If someone wants to make use of the Rakuten cashback offer, and doesn't already have a Rakuten account, grab a referral code from the Referral LInks thread for an extra $10 in your cashback account when you sign up.

From the FAQ page, the Mint Offer is for new purchases only, like usual. (Which really means you can't can't use it as a refill on an existing Mint plan). The FAQ says you still qualify for the promo if you're currently on a Mint Trial plan, though-- and says they'll give you an extra $5 off of any plan.
If anyone happens to have a leftover trial SIM from a previous deal, it's worth trying to see if you can sweeten the deal a little further by activating that left-over trial SIM first. (The promo offers have shipped with an extra trial SIM for at least a year, I think. Although the info says they expire relatively quickly, I successfully activated one earlier this year that was well past it's use-by date.)

Most optimistic scenario:
$45 offer
[strike]- $5 for moving from a trial SIM[/strike]
-$20 Rakuten cashback
-$10 Rakuten 'new customer' referral cashback

= $15 (+ tax on $45)
(EDIT: modified to NOT recommend piling the $5 trial SIM offer on top of the Rakuten cashback-- do it at your own risk, since I've read that stacking additional offers with the Rakuten cashback sometimes voids the Rackuten cashback offer. Perhaps safer to consider trying the trial-offer-discount only if you're not inclined to use the Rakuten cashback offer.)

Swinging a customer referral to an existing Mint Sim account this would help make the deal even better, maybe even free when combined with those rebates noted above.