Mint Mobile 3 month + Rakuten (Ebates) cashback, $5 or less

If you've been on the fence about the Mint Mobile $45/3month/12GB SIM, today might be the day.
Buy through clicking through from the Rakuten (formerly Ebates) site, and get $40 cashback. I believe shipping is free from Mint right now, but I believe there will be tax. (EDIT: tax and Regulatory Recovery Fees added $5.73 in my locale.)

If you don't already have an Rakuten/Ebates account, grab a referral link from the referral thread

for an additional $10 in your cashback account-- probably reducing your final cost to $0.

I've had reliable cashback results from Rakuten, and used it on a previous MInt promo last year.

Mint FAQ:
I received a SIM deactivation email, what does this mean for me?
If you don’t activate your SIM within 45 days of receiving it, it will actually expire…it’s a thing. If you’ve purchased your SIM, but haven’t activated it for 45 days, it will be deactivated and we’re pretty sure you don’t want anyone to not know where you are.

So this effectively means I have to activate by mid Jan... 3 mo fro that would be mid Apr... My Sprint 1 yr free is good to end of Apr, so this deal is no go for myself and others in the same situation. :frowning:

Right now, the front runner is RedPocket's 1 year plan sale.