Mint Mobile $20/3 month promo-- another ebates tie-in special

The Mint Mobile special promo is apparently going to continue through the end of the year-- $20 for 3 months. Today, ebates is again doubling their Mint cashback offer to $20, which covers all but taxes. (It's been running at $10, and may or may not stay at that level in the near future.)

(I'm sorry this is late again-- I didn't see it until this evening. The offer is available until close to midnight Pacific time.)

Details copied from the Hot Deals thread when this appeared around Black Friday.

Chelle wrote:
"Mint Mobile 5GB Plan
$20 gets you 3 months of service and the SIM."

PEW wrote:
"New activation required. Taxes and fees apply. 3 months equal 90 days. May not be combined with other promotions. Must be activated within 45 days of purchase. Limit 4 per order. Offer ends 01/01/2019.

How do I transfer (port) my phone number to Mint Mobile?
To transfer—or port—your phone number during activation, you’ll need to authorize the release of your number to Mint Mobile. To do this, you will need:

Your account number from your former carrier. Your account number can be found on your billing statement, or acquired by contacting your provider’s customer service department.
The corresponding password, pass code or PIN code number.
The zip code associated with the account.
Please remember that your phone number transfer can take up to 48 hours to complete. If you have any questions regarding your port, email Once the number has been successfully transferred, we will we send you an SMS and confirmation email. "

KentE wrote:
"If anyone is still on the fence about picking up the $20 Mint Mobile SIM offer (scan back thru the last couple of pages), this evening might be the time to go for it....
Ebates has a Cyber Monday promo doubling their recent cashback offers for a lot of stores, including Mint. If you're comfortable with ebates....
The cashback offer is $20 for that $20 SIM. A code for free shipping is included in the Ebates offer. You'll pay taxes and fees (about $3.46 for me) after (hopefully) getting the cash back.
Caveats: This assumes the cash back comes through okay. You must purchase from the link on Ebates after signing up. (Search 'Mint Mobile', & pick the one that says $20 cash back + free shipping-- click on the free shipping coupon to copy it to your clipboard.

And, if you're like me and never got around to the ebates Super Silver offer on CellNuvo, start there. Currently 10,400 silver after you load the ebates app, and make a purchase through the app. If you purchase $25 total, you'll get a $10 cashback bonus from ebates. (I don't think this has to be on a single purchase.) Ebates pays quarterly, so you won't receive cash back until February."

(PS: I did get the ebates cashback approval notice within a day or so, and I know several other forum members did as well.)

... for the Mint deal, are we allowed to get two $20 cash backs? I got one already, tempted for another one. This deal uses the same IRFREESHIP code...

.... I don't know..... good question.
Mint doesn't seem to object to multiple purchases (4 max, I think) but I don't know about Ebates.

The $20 deal is good to Jan 1st, hope they have more of this $20 cash back offers...

Re getting a 2nd $20 rebate... guess could refer a family member to yourself (and get $25) then use that new acct to get the $20 cash back.

Thanks KentE. This is a fantastic deal and it is great it is still running. I only wish there was no expiry on the sims so I could stock up. You have to activate within 45 days.

I got my ebates cashback pretty quickly (I think it was within 24hrs). Cellnuvo took a day or two longer but the silver posted.

I noticed that ebates has a pretty strong warning against self-referrals, which they may track by mailing address.

I've received my SIM but haven't gotten the Ebate in my account, yet.

Just tested the extra Mint SIM on a locked T-Mobile Note 3... the SIM looks usable, no SIM error message!

Wow, Mint is really lacking in porting flexibility... when you activate online (via the appt), you have to decide if you are porting in or not, you cannot port in a number after activation.

OK, in for a 2nd Mint SIM. :slight_smile:

mine showed up fast. I bought it around 11:30pm, $20 ebates kickback is in my account 1 hour later when I checked my eBates account.

I'm glad some of you caught this deal!

I wouldn't be surprised if this offer was repeated during Christmas week. (Maybe I'll spot it earlier in the day next time, too........) I don't check ebates daily, and only caught it because I was checking another offer--so if anyone else happens to see a redux, please post.

But, in the meantime, ebates still has $10 cashback with free shipping. Somewhere around $13 after taxes and cashback is still an astonishingly good deal for 3 months of service.
(The $20 price straight from Mint is pretty amazing before any additional bonus......)

Received my $20 from ebates via paypal already.

Ebates has a "Get $5 off Shipping. + $20.00 Cash Back" special on Green Monday sale. It is already started now. I guess it will only last 1 day.

Mint is gonna have tons of new activations by mid Feb.

Anyone notice if this $20 cash back is a regular for eBates and Mint Mobile?

It's cropped up 3 times for a day or 2, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and this one. The cashback amount during the rest of that time has been $10, which is still very good. Since I first started with ebates around Black Friday, I have no idea if the $10 figure is standard.

$10 for 3 mo of 5GB LTE is definitely still a steal. I tested playing 720p video and also FaceTime and it works great - not so great on new Sprint Free 1 year at 'up to' 480p...

$20 ebates cash back is back again.

Hard to believe that Mint hasn't sold enough of these $20 plans already!

The ebates site has a banner for Last Chance Monday, so likely this will run through Monday.
For anyone looking for Tracfone, Total Wireless, Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, they're back up to 22% cashback, too. A lot of stores are 3x the standard ebates cashback.