Mint lost one small competive advantage

So while I'm going into Mint as the plan on my daily driver, my wife is going out. However, she hasn't had access to her number/plan since about 10 days ago, when she lost her phone on a trip out west. When we got back, I tried to activate a new SIM from one of the many refer-a-friend promo packets that I've received over the years. I had done that in the past but this time it didn't work. Mint customer service told me they no longer allow the promo SIMs to be used as replacements for lost regular SIMs. Instead, you have to order a new one for $10 and wait for it to arrive in 3-5 days.

The ability to replace a lost SIM with a free promo SIM was one of the factors that mitigated the fact that Mint doesn't have any storefronts. Unlike Cricket, for example, if you lose your phone you can't just go into a store to get a replacement ASAP. However, when you could save up promo SIMs to activate just in case, this was not a drawback.

I was going to activate the replacement Mintmobile SIM and let my wife use up the plan until it expired during the weekend. However, since this is no longer a possibility, I've decided to just port the number out to Tello, after activating the 2 months at half off promo I bought on May 31.

That is a silly policy-- and it's obviously just a policy, since the same trial SIM can be used to activate a new line (not on a trial).

Like you, I'm always glad when there is a second route for getting a SIM for a provider I use. I have a Tello GSM SIM (from Amazon) laid away, mostly for the possibility that I might have a need to activate a new line quickly.

(One of my favorite things about Sprint was always having a phone ready to activate somewhere within 15 minutes.... I'll miss that.)

I'm sure it is fairly rare to need a replacement sim card.