Mileage expected from full-size pickup trucks?

Question for those of you who have experience with full-size Pickup Trucks.

Suppose that someone buys a new full-size Pickup Truck.
They do regular maintenance and get all required servicing done.

For a gas truck (not diesel), how many miles can they get out of the following:

  • Chevy/GM full-size gas Pickup Truck
  • Ford full-size gas Pickup Truck
  • Dodge full-size gas Pickup Truck

Thank you!

It would depend on what you were going to use the truck for. There are typically three levels of full size trucks (1500, 2500, 3500 or Ford's 150, 250, 350) and then you have 4x4 added in the mix. I have experience in the big three but none for full size Toyota. My experience ends with a 1996 F250 since it has not died yet 250k plus miles and over 10 yrs ownership. I typically drive them till they die or I get tired of them and so far that has not happened with this one. Some like a more comfortable ride while others like a stiffer feeling ride.