Match-All-Pot - Did it break?

It appears that the system is just giving the numbers without there being a certain percentage being denied or a random component to the numbers other than the ones shown. Anyone else seeing that?

Yes it just gives a number ever ad. They are aware of the issue and are on it.

I was happy I like win

Pots are too low and go too fast. Someone with 1 silver ads is cleaning up. I like $3 match pots not 2c

I agree. I got one for zero points! Hope it is fixed soon.

Agreed. Believe it or not, I won two 1-silver "pots" in a row this morning. Still trying to figure out what to do with my winnings before the IRS finds out. :slight_smile:

I like win all time

Win. Win win win

No matter how big Winnnnnnnnnnnnn.


LOL! I can see the joy in that!

Congratulations! I think I held the posted low-silver match game for quite a while-- somewhere around 7 silver. You beat me twice, and I hope your new record proves unbeatable.

"I hope your new record proves unbeatable."

Too late. Here is a screenshot for laughs. Hope there are no negative ones now!

Unfortunately for now, my posts need moderation. Sorry for the lag.

Campaign promised fulfilled!

Thanks, Kent! Between you and me, I'll bet anyone's claim that they beat my record will amount to nothing.

Nothing else matters but winning

Sorry I got a 0 silver win and that is certainly something!

New app coming ?? End of match the pot ???

I was told no date set yet on update.

Wow-- new records don't last long! That's certainly something, even if it amounts to nothing.
I'm now hoping that mmfacemm's record proves unbeatable, since a prize that amounts to less than nothing would be somewhat distressing.
Congrats on the new record, mmfacemm !

Agreed -- to go any lower, we'd have to start being negative, and I for one would positively hate that. :slight_smile:

Congrats, @mmfacemm, and enjoy your (EDIT: co-)unbreakable record!

All that matters is winning. Mmface won and that is all.

Match pot master

Just saw that tech-stitch on page 1 claimed the first zero silver win so looks like I am not the winner :frowning: