Mars Wind

As Gertrude Stein might have said: wind is wind is wind.

"Sounds a lot like regular wind, right? Well, what were you expecting? Like so many aspects of space exploration, the prosaic nature of the thing itself — a rock, a landscape feature, a breath of wind — is offset by the fact that it’s occurring millions of miles away on an alien world and relayed here by a high-tech robot. Wind on Mars might not sound much different than wind on Earth — but surely that’s not the point!"

This Mars wind recording could be a good addition to one of those white noise apps, and one could use it to fall into a deep and distant sleep.

Leave it to NASA to provide us with more InSight into this matter. Thanks, @Isamorph, for yet another thread covering a topic that most of us would have probably never have paused to ponder if not for your efforts (and as the Brits might say, I'm not just winding you up :)) . Please keep 'em coming!