Mango Red Pocket Plans

Data 50GB @ 4G LTE
128 kbps speeds thereafter

20GB of Mobile Hot Spot *

  • Does not affect your 50GB of 4G LTE

Up to 50 Countries

$300 for 12 months!

... so no free global roaming data like T-Mobile, right?

Hm... seems 6 mo is the best plan at $17/mo.

Odd, isn't it? I guess the gamble is how long you want to lock in what appears to be a temporary price reduction from a $40/mo rate. If you're hoping for long term, and the price goes back up to $40 after your 6 months, the 12-month/$25 option would have looked pretty good.

6 months @ $16.77

  • 4 months @ $40

12 months @ $25 = $300

I was wondering why Mango wasn't offering the same 6-month promo as Black Wireless, seeing as they're the same plan & both owned by Red Pocket.

hmmm. just occurred to me that T-Mobile is pressing for a price reduction of the Sprint buyout, based partly on falling subscriber numbers. I wonder if this is T-Mo's attempt to skew those numbers further......

Well, if the buyout does not complete by Apr 30, lots of people will likely bail. I am considering staying on the $35 Unlimited Kickstart plan, though, as it's not bad.

Kickstart is down to $25. Might want to move to it with some porting acrobatics or maybe an sorint agent can move you.

I think it is only $25 via Best Buy. New line or add a line and you can get a free unlocked Moto e6.

SD'ers report canceling Sprint service same/next day and being refunded the first month/activation fees = free e6 (for those who found $20 for one via Visible too expensive)

I think it is only $25 via Best Buy. New line or add a line and you can get a free unlocked Moto e6.

SD'ers report canceling Sprint service same/next day and being refunded the first month/activation fees = free e6 (for those who found $20 for one via Visible too expensive)

just check bestbuy e6 is $49 after $100 deduct, so it's not free

Choose activate, choose Sprint, pick up today, still shows free phone for me. $30 for 1st mo. service, fees & taxes.

SD'ers report cancel service same/next day & service/fees refunded - as always YMMV

there's no Sprint selection, it could be not available for california

thank you for the detail pictures. will try again.

Hope it works.
If you don't want the month of Sprint service remember to cancel in 24 hrs. or less, HOPEFULLY it will be fully refunded but that may be YMMV, I haven't done it, just saw reports from others saying that is what they got.

I also was able to bring up the $0 E6 price using a Calif. BestBuy zip code.

That's a great screenshot because it shows the charge from Sprint.

Someone on SD commented today that he chatted to cancel right away and Sprint gave him a hard time and asked him to try out the service for longer and that he has 30 days to get a full refund under their satisfaction guarantee. So, be forewarned, forearmed & YMMV. If you are a good at "social engineering" probably not too hard.

Those canceling immediately so they won't get charge for service and getting free phones are wrong. They r doing that to encourage people give them a try.

I don't do the offer because I'm not interested. If I want a phone, I can buy it thru eBay, Anazon, or Swappa.

Telling someone just get the phone and canceling immediately is wrong!

Exactly where we each draw the line certainly varies! I'm pretty much in the same camp as SuccessOne on this My personal tendencies are to take advantage of such offers as a trial period, with a known cost & the phone discount included in the deal. I'd gladly give it a try based on the first month service cost, but wouldn't do a cancellation-and-refund.

Since Sprint is specifically targeting unlocked phone purchases with this offer, I expect that Sprint envisions this as a subsidized trial of their network. (Obviously, they hope that some percentage of people stay with Sprint, or return to Sprint at a later date.) The cost of the first-month service, paired with a reduction in the phone cost, gives someone a chance to try Sprint that otherwise might not. In my location, I believe that's also likely a 'win' for Sprint as being a realistic option for some folks who might not have otherwise considered Sprint a viable option.

The Visible swap offer, paired with a first-month plan cost reduction, seemed like a good offer on both sides. Honestly, there's little chance that I'll stay with Visible at this point. But, my early tests indicate it's more than viable as a service in my location. If the next few weeks don't change my thoughts, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Visible, or to become a Visible customer again in the future. (As a result of some of the reports I've seen, I wouldn't have considered either without good reports from a local user.

Staying close to the intent of the deal is also enlightened self-interest. I want similar promos to continue being offered.

I didn't tell anyone to do anything.

I didn't tell anyone to cancel immediately, or in 30 days, or never.

I did post re what posters on SD were posting they were doing / experiencing. I'm pretty sure those posters were not telling others what they should do.

Don't buy.
Cancel on day 1
Cancel on day 30.
Get a refund on day 1
or on day 30,
or not.
Masayoshi Son may notice your $30,
or not.
It won't do much towards helping him catch up to Carlos Slim(e).
Maybe $30 would help Son move up the list a bit though?
Sad, so far from the top.

Maybe I'd donate the $30 to a worthy cause,
Like Visible
my cable company (so that they can help "feed" the poor starving content owners)....

Journey on adventurer,
In the direction that your moral compass points.