Making money in the gig economy

Locally, we have an Amazon warehouse... people locally are signing up to deliver packages. Not sure what the compensation is like,,,

Amazon also hires RVers during the busy months of November and December. You make about $13/hour and they provide you with a free campsite for your RV and transportation between your campsite and the warehouse.

A lot of RVers host at campgrounds, during the warm months, then head to the sugar beet harvest up around North Dakota and Michigan, for the first three weeks of October, and then go work at an Amazon warehouse.

The sugar beet harvest pays well and they provide you with a campsite there, as well. You don't actually work in the fields. The combines do that. You operate loading and unloading equipment and do lab work. Lots of RVers like it.

After New Years they find a beach to live on until hosting season comes around, again.

As a non-RVer, I'm afraid I don't understand the "host"/"hosting" references. Can you clue me in?

Campgrounds strive to have on-site hosts who handle any issues that might arise with the campers.

In exchange, they get a free campsite and utilities.

Typically, the hosts will also be expected to clean the bathrooms and get paid minimum wage for their time.

Larger campgrounds often have multiple hosts that oversee certain parts of the campground.

There tend to be more campgrounds than hosts, during the summer, so a lot of campgrounds end up "host-less".

As northern campgrounds close, however, most RVers move south and there are more potential hosts than host positions. That's why the sugar beet harvests and Amazon positions are so helpful to the working RV community.