Mad Daily Cent Plan - Now Available

It looks like RingPlus just opened up the Mad Daily Cent plan.

Mad Daily Cent
[li]100 Minutes, 100 SMS, 100 MMS, 100 MB[/li]
[li]1¢ overages for minutes, SMS, MMS, MB[/li]
[li]Plan costs $0.01 per day + tax[/li]
[li]No activation fee or initial top-up required[/li]
[li]$2 auto top up if top up balance goes below 1¢ [/li]
[li]Tethering Included[/li]
[li]Plan change can be scheduled for end of your current bill cycle[/li]
This is a great option for people (like me) who have a plan renewal coming up right before the Feb. 11 termination date. I just swtiched!

Would be awesome if RingPlus offered this as a staple and then supplement their revenue from the ads. Even at a penny, it would limit the number of abusers.

Haven't seen any definitive info saying that anything at RP will even work after 3 days from now ???
Can't imagine why they'd open a promo with -the end- looming so near, really.
Anybody found any info about how long things may stick around at RP that is different from 2/11/2017 ??


That makes no flipping sense whatsoever but its ringplus so go figure.I would never go back to them as I have been treated bad in so many ways that it wouldn't work for me I would be full of anger lol. But not all had the same bad experience so I understand others.

This plan was opened up as a "safeguard" for people like me, those with paid plans that may potentially renew before the port-out completes (or before the Feb 11 termination date arrives). By switching to this, you won't get hit with a full monthly plan fee right before the end.

Are you going to use it? I'm trying to decide if I should switch the 5 lines renewing tomorrow or just leave it alone. I have the Members+ Half Mad Man for $10.38 total w/tax.

I scheduled a switch to the Cent plan, but it didn't kick in. My number just ported out.