Is Lycamobile a worthwhile option to consider?

Do they still offer their PayGo plan for 2 cents per minute?

It is supposed to be a secret. Something about getting a sim and no plan and you can just pay 2c. Not sure exactly how it works as there is no details on the site.

I've been looking into lycamobile as a possible replacement for my tmobile legacy paygo plan.
I saw this on a rinplus forum, maybe this information will help you as well.

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I have a preference for redundancy, so I consider it worthwhile. :slight_smile:

For those who are not familiar with Lycamobile, Lycamobile is a T-Mobile MVNO, and GSM SIM cards are available on Amazon and eBay (I've seen listing as low as $0.01 with free shipping).

Lycamobile SIM cards can be used in T-Mobile PAYG feature/smartphones (no need to unlock).

The PAYG plan is available for those that do not require cellular data nor MMS, and it is unadvertised on their web page (don't select a monthly plan during activation, and it will default to PAYG).

Current rates are:

5 cents per minute voice to/from non-LycaMobile customers
2 cents per minute voice to/from LycaMobile customers (YMMV)
4 cents per outbound SMS
0 cents per inbound SMS
No cellular data

Calls that are answered by voice mail are billed immediately at the per minute voice rate, but voice mail retrieval is free (doesn't matter how many times you repeat a message, nor how many times you call your voice mail).

Minimum refill amount is $10, and are available through CallingMart (they have a rewards program). There are two refill types available: a real time reload (RTR) and PIN (make sure to purchase the regular refill, not the plan refill).

A billable event must occur once every 90 days to keep the account active.

A 30 day "use it or lose it" SMS may appear around the 90 day mark, if not used, the top-up balance and phone number will be lost at the 120 day mark."

Speedtalk seems like a good alternative. They have a new marvel set of plans that roll over for 6 refills. Minimum per year $60 for 1500 minutes/texts or mb (any combination) or you can pay $5 a month for 2c talk/text/data with no rollover month to month.

I suppose lyca is better if you hardly use it and don't care about data. Say under 100 minutes/texts a month.

Here's a deal for 2 Lycamobile sim cards for $0.99.

I ordered for our two dual sim phones.

Also, I just just got 2 Lycamobile triple sims from Amazon for 1 cent each + free shipping and Prime not required. Looks as if the deal is still valid.