Looks like the 'gold rush' is long gone

For quite some time there was quite an abundance of exciting activity within the telecom world - particularly in the cellular & VOIP sectors.

Lots of enticing deals, freebies, etc...and lately ??
It has all become too quiet - mostly we just hear crickets.

It was fun while it lasted though.

I don't think the deals are gone, it is just no longer posted on this forum due to those who normally posted either don't frequent this site or don't visit this site at all. My theory is due to the non telecom/technology posts that take up all the real estate on the page showing all the activity since you last visited. If that theory holds water - one way (without removing the general category) is to make Hot Deals it's own category (or include it in telecom despite it having non telecom deals) - then you can easily ignore the general category if you want.

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From what I see out there, there are reasonable prices for cell service all the way from low to heavy use.

This site only became busy because of the pyramid scheme scam known as cellnuvo. The two who promoted that here no longer have a use for this forum.