Looks like CellNuvo did something sneaky while returning swap points

I had put in for a 1-month swap which was due to be cashed out in May. CN delayed by another month with the holiday-backup excuse. Now they have canceled the swap and returned the points. But here’s the sneaky part – they have returned the REDUCED-rate points. So now, if I want a 1-month swap, I will get even less money. So CN has used the delay excuse to devalue our points even further. I am, as Hungry-Hog put it, quite disgusted!

Edit – an example might help to show their sneakiness – suppose you had $50 or 50,000 points On April 2, you put in for a 1-month swap at their rate of 1750:$1. So on May 2, you should get an e-check for 50,000/1750 = $28.57. CN delays the e-check and “returns” your points in June – but, like they have done with me, they only return 28 dollars instead of your original 50 bucks.

So now, when you put in for a swap, you can only swap out $28 instead of the $50 you had. I think that’s real sneaky on CellNuvo’s part! They have made 22 bucks disappear from your account!

Will the BS ever end?

So you are saying you swapped 50,000 and only got 28,000 returned?

I wonder if you did a 6/9 month you get more points back?

No, you don't get an increased return forvlonger wait.

Yes one of mine is the same. I did a 2 month swap for 10500 points ($7) and a 4 month swap for 5000 points ($5) and got 12,000 back.

I guess that is their "unsubsidized rate" bs.

I'd be interested to know for sure from someone who did a 6/9 month swap.

Yup, that's their sneakiness - you had a total of 16,500 points = $16.5 before you put in for a swap. Now they delay and give you only $12 back.

And then to actually get an e-check for $12, you will have to take a further rate cut for a 1-month swap, which they will delay by another month, then "return" your reduced points, and the circle will go on for ever until there is nothing left in your account.

Nice money-making scheme for CellNuvo!

If you did 6/9 month swap, the points returned are at the 1000:1 rate. Your points are not increased.

I thought I noticed the same thing with one of my accounts last night, with the points being returned at short-duration-swap-value.
But, on my account, that isn't quite what is actually appearing.
I have one 2-month swap that hasn't matured yet-- it was returned at original point value. (The swap request cancelled out.) .
I have 2 short-duration swaps (1 instant, 1 x 1 month). Those 2 haven't been returned to the point value at all (as of last night). They seem to be in stasis, with the converted swap value still showing as Your $$ (or whatever the top line is-- I don't have my phone.)

The result seems to be the same: my points have already been converted at short-term rates, and no way to even do a short-term payment request for that value.

I think this is an honest mistake. There is no reason I can see to return full point value for a duration that hasn't matured yet, and a reduced value for one that had already matured & requested payment.

The only other explanation I see is that we're expected to wait for the short-term coffers to be refilled, and repeat our request for a payout at the original converted short-duration rate. Presumably, those coffers would refill as payments dribble in from the ad vendor.

KentE wrote: "I think this is an honest mistake."

I hope they correct it soon! I'm very frustrated by the way CN has been treating us and giving us the runaround.


The correct answer is. No extra points.

Not defending cellnuvo in the slightest.

I also believe it was a mistake in this case

Did you email support? Stephanie?

Looks like CellNUVO gives haircuts, now, too...

Doubt it. They would of gave more points for 6 or 9 month

This is all a complete waste of time. Why all the messing about? The whole swap system is pointless when they cannot stick to the timetable.

Just halt swaps. As money comes in pay the people first who already have payments requested first come first served. After they have been paid open up the instant swap as and when you get the money in and again first come first serve. Refill it at random times of the day to give everyone an equal chance. This swap system is ridiculous.

I totally agree.

Haven't been here in a while, just noticed that all my points were returned to my account. Was supposed to get a check for over $300.00 on July 10th, it still shows in my swap history. The limit is now around $25.00 per month and I would have to wait another 4 months for the first check. That puts me out almost a year and a half to cash out.

The 4 month limit is $25000 in my app. So you should be able to do it all.

That said I have no confidence we will get paid anything now. Not sure why we are being strung along when they say the ad provider hasn't paid for ads viewed 10 months ago and there is very little revenue coming in from current swiping.

A couple of days ago I just tried another 4 month swap,somewhere north of 300 bucks, but I'm not holding my breath on getting paid. Considering both apps, one day I'll get quite a few ads and a couple of surveys on one of the apps and basically nothing on the other. The next day will be little to nothing on both.Guess I'll try to swipe a bit ,on the days I'm getting ads, until I don't get paid or CellNUVO officially folds.Leaning toward CellNUVO folding.