Looking for Love in the Wrong places?

Delta said they were sorry, but I thought love means never having to say your sorry. Maybe some things don't go better with coke.

Flighty Love?
Love is in the air....?

“Dang! That’s why so many flight attendants and nice looking women kept giving me napkins on my @Delta flights,” he wrote.

Creepy political correctness.

Fly the friendly romantic skies of Delta.

My oh my above the bayou.

Delta and Coca-Cola did get it right when they said: “... you never know.”


Terrific photo !!

The napkin idea though...sure seems like it was a great way to get folks' knickers in a knot.

Perhaps Donovan foresaw this development back in 1966

Donovan said : "My father, my agent they pleaded for me not to step onto the BOAC jet bound for London. I did and went back to my little cottage in the woods. Two days later a young woman came seeking a cottage to rent. It was Linda." ( whom he married ) Hence, maybe the inspiration for TransLove Airways.:huh: