Looking back and laughing

Sometimes I look back at some of the old posts just to get a big laugh.

Here's an example: https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/1042-44-hours-and-counting-and-still-no-refill?start=100#18639
Paraphrasing the quote

As John "Hannibal" Smith says "I love it when a plan comes together".

Well some people listened to him and stopped swiping.Others continued to swipe and didn't listen to the trolls.

It was still a risk other companies like ringplus went bankrupt with similar issues. This shows the tenacity of Tom. He refused to quit. He decided to fix the issues and to try to make up for past mistakes by offering 10% bonuses for a year.

We all knew the risk and continuing to swipe when things could have went badly for cellnuvo. What I personally looked at the risk of time compared to the benefit. I decided to keep swiping. I was proved correct. But it could have went the other way.

Because of the time I spend swiping I was hopeful that cellnuvo could turn things around

In your case you already redemed $500. Even if you lose a balance that you have left they can't take away your $500. So I say that you're a winner. We all hope that cellnuvo can grow and become stable with more customers and benefit from business and also help others get cell service and cell phones.

The best part about the situation is that no one is forcing anybody to swipe. If you don't like the rates you're convinced that it's pennies. Then you can walk away and that is your choice.
But I think it is wrong for the same people that come here and criticize our choice to swipe.

Because of the trolls I continue to swipe in spite of them.

This is why I was attacked. They could not break me.

What was the $500 redeemed for?

Payments went to phone bills.

Swipe left for 400 silver. Download and run pandora

I stopped swiping with the intent of amassing large amounts quite some time ago. Never got my 10% bonuses and ad view rewards kept diminishing so I realized it simply wasn't worth getting frustrated over. I swipe a few times per month just to make sure my account doesn't go defunct but that's it.

I have my redpocket number paid through 2025 and still have a couple hundred gold. I came out ahead, and CellNUVO seems to have marginally improved their reliability, but the fact of the matter is I lost a job when they evaporated my original number without notice and I'm not the type to forgive an entity that jerks around my livelihood in such a manner. My ex wife can attest to that.

There's also the fanboy contingent who are utterly insufferable - those so enamored with CN that they attack against any critical sentiment. It's great if CN fits your wants and tolerance level, but it's not acceptable for everyone and the fact that people are bullied for not suckling at the teat is ridiculously unappealing. Makes CN discussions feel like a Trump rally. Without skepticism there's fanaticism and I shouldn't have to wade through sycophantic circlejerking to find pertinent information about CellNUVO (because heaven forbid they send an email to EVERYONE regarding important updates).

Critical sentiment is fine. Trolling is not.

Yes I understand you are still pissed. Rightfully so. Losing a phone number is not forgivable.

Support has changed. You should ask for your bonus again.

Calling people fanboy's. When you know your friends were troll's is also insufferable.

Sorry you lost your number. I can understand why you won't come back.

If you do not trust cellnuvo. Why do you care if your account goes defunct? Why keep a balance? Why not cash out and not look back? By your own account you have moved on.