Longtime Tracfone users - wanna try this?

So apparently there's this unlock-eligibility checker on Tracfone's site that tells you after one year of service if your phone can be unlocked. You just have to enter your phone number and it tells you if your phone can be unlocked. You have to have used TF for a year though, otherwise the checker always comes back saying your phone is not eligible.

Won't it be great if those HSN phones can be unlocked after that year of service is up? If you have used a phone on TF for more than a year, we can all benefit from knowing if those devices are unlock-eligible. Please check and tell the rest of us!

Edit - the site where you can check is tfwunlockpolicy.com

It's a good dream, peterquinn. My Tracfone smartphone is too old to qualify (I checked when that checker first came out.).

It might happen. I do follow a couple of Tracfone forums, and the last time I checked, I don't think anyone had received an unlock for a Tracfone. Instead, they/ve been offering to buy it back at depreciated value.

Maybe that will change, though!