Loading app on Chromebook

I was thinking of try loading on Chromebook and see if it works better... says not compatible, guess not.

You can get to the rewards app or page via the FreeUP website, can't you?

To print coupons?

Does your Chromebook include Google Play Store?

If not, you can probably install the FreeUp app using ArcWelder.

You can also get credit for coupons through your browser rather than using the app. The only thing you can't do is watch videos.

How to print coupons on browser?

On you browser go to the FreeUP website and log into your account, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on"rewards", which opens the "earn rewards" window where you click on that, and then the rewards log in page will appear and you log into you rewards app. Then click on "coupons" and the rest is self explanatory. Happy printing.

Ah, ok... looks like a shortcut by going to the billway link https://freeup.billaway.com/dashBoard/index

Will see if this is more consistent vs possibly glitchy phone browser.

I think the problem is with FreeUp, not with us or with how we are printing. I haven't changed anything in the way I print, yet while I used to get 2 credits before, now I am only given 1 or zero credits. They are doing the same thing in my family member's account - not giving any credits at all even though nothing has changed in the way the coupons are printed.

ETA - I wish Customer Service would communicate what's going on. I haven't heard back from them in weeks, even after reminding them.

I agree that the issue is most likely with the setup on FreeUP, Billaway, or Coupons.com site.

That said, I'd still try some other options while waiting for FreeUp to address this.
Worth trying:
Browser instead of app, or vice versa.

A different browser linking in to Coupons.com. Leave it as entirely default setup, with no ad blocker, pop-up blocker, no VPN, cookies allowed, no compression or intermediate server, etc. Think about whether you have any similar features set up in your WiFi network. (I believe I had problems printing successive coupons while using a hotel WiFi network.)

A different device for access.

If you're not getting any credits, make sure you've completed the device authentication via the verification code sent to your email address. It seems like this requirement is easy to miss, but I would think you wouldn't see the "coupon printed successfully" confirmation if you hadn't done this..

The coupons.com website can function independently of the FreeUp/billaway route, but this wouldn't give credits back to your FreeUp account. I am still confused as to why there is a separate sign-in option for Coupons.com once landing there via FreeUp, and don't know if would screw up the intended process if you did create a separate log-in on that page. (Maybe creating a second coupons.com ID that isn't linked to FreeUP? If so, this seems like it would eliminate coupon credits entirely, not just 1-of-2.)