LG X Charge - is this BestBuy phone an all-carrier phone?

Saw this phone on the BestBuy site - https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-lg-x-charge-unlimited-prepaid-black/6300267.p?skuId=6300267

It says in the specs that it's GSM as well as CDMA. But it also says "Stay connected with this LG X Charge smartphone for UNREAL Mobile".

So is it locked to Unreal, or is it an all-carrier phone? Any insights appreciated. TIA.

I think it is almost certainly Sprint-network only, and apparently refurbished. (The phone listed on Unreal Mobile's site specifies it that way.). I think there were some reviews on Best Buy at one point that mentioned/complained about the less than clear info. It would help a lot if BB would always list the model #, and if they didn't copy and paste generic info across different model variations of the same (named) phone.

I don't believe there ever was an all-carrier version of the LG XCharge. I think there were 2 different 3-carrier versions. (1 missing Sprint, 1 missing VZW.)