Let's find out who to ask about our money

Hey everyone. Rather than pointlessly complain about cellnuvo, let's find and share actual factual information so that we can figure out how and who to POLITELY ask about our money.

I'll start:

Please update this thread with the results of any contacts you make or any additional CONFIRMED information you find. Links to social media profiles would be great. If anyone lives in Illinois and could visit the address to see if the business is shuttered, that'd be great.

For the record, I couldn't find a confirmed source that links anyone named Tom Mannix to Cellnuvo. I have suspicion that it was merely a screen name chosen to hide behind, but if someone has proof otherwise that'd be great.


That linkedin profile doesn't even mention Cellnuvo :P! Whomever owns the company has gone to great lengths to ensure they can't be connected.

Observing the below link containing the image of Tom Mannix posted by himself on the Cellnuvo thread on this forum and the image of him as Forest Park commissioner in Chicago, I suspect, a forensic photo analyst would deem the persons in the photos to be one and the same. So unless Tom from Nth pilfered the picture and name of Tom the commissioner, then Tom of CellNuvo notoriety is both Toms. However, I wouldn't be much surprised if CellNuvo Tom would not stoop to posting a fake photo of himself on the Nth, which if so, would remain unidentified to this day. Take a look at the watches and wrists in both photos and see what you think.

AHA! Crowd sourcing, sleuthing, consumer empowerment at it's best.
The wonderful power of nth circle shows it's might again!
What a great idea!



Multiple press releases on multiple days, plus company profiles on 2 separate sites. This should give you a good start.

I don't think I'm likely to chase anybody down, but I did peak at a few sites.
Pretty amusing: The Owler site (linked above) estimates CellNuvo's annual income at $29.7 million, with 159 employees.

Zoom's CellNuvo page estimates $84,000 income, and 3 employees.

Hoping that their contact info is more useful than the income & company size info.

The CFO was named George. He was the day to day man in charge of the money.
If you call the cellnuvo number direct. His voice is on the recording.

I suggest finding out his contact info on Facebook ect

My opinion is you have a better chance of getting money by heading down to your local liquor store and beating up some drug dealers then take their money and their tacky gold chains (hahaha!) than from CellNuvo!

I've already sold all my phones used for swiping on eBay and deleted all CellNuvo apps and moved on! Grateful for 2 new phones and $50 Sprint bill payment I got redeemed for my points a while back.

But yes, I've moved on a long time ago! They tried their best to make a go at it, but in the end, it's not meant to be. Not enough profit or cash to run business, business goes out....just like we don't work for free, so do those companies, its management, its workers....