I've been noticing that my reward balance is slowly dribbling away.

It's in small amounts, 8¢ here, 20¢ there.

It's been happening on my mother's and my accounts.

Anyone else seeing this?

Not noticed this but will keep an eye out on our FreeUp account that has a balance. Maybe they had an expiration date for those funds? I thought not but who knows.

Yes, I checked after seeing your post and $.49 total missing but I don't know over what time period as I wasn't paying attention. The only reason I knew the proper balance was I had to request the balance when they wiped it out previously as others have experienced on the forum.
In addition, 2 of the family members I signed up to FreeUp mentioned that a short time before their last renewal they had messages like: "Pay up or your service will be terminated" and when I checked- their accounts were fine and renewed properly (even with the incorrect previous Plan name). One has a credit card attached and one does not so no commonality there.

Also, "Leakage"?.... Ewww!

This happened to me several months ago when I transferred all but .75 cents of my credit(money)from my free plan to my paid plan and noticed not long after that a few times a small amount had been deducted from the .75 cents and is down to .58 cents now I believe. But the little deductions stopped months ago. I just thought the behavior was accounting voodoo as usual for FU.

No decline on either of our 2 accounts, when looking at screenshots going back to August 2019.

Best Guess:

"Leakage" due to conversion from native currency to USD.

За здоро́вье!


Yes! I manage several FreeUp accounts for our group and have been seeing this. In our cases anyway, it was due to data (LTE) overages for the month and those overages were taken from rewards instead of being charged to credit card. In our group cases anyway, LTE is still accessible even though the Free plan data has been eliminated.

Never minded the amount. I have $40.34 now, so I guess I can keep an eye on the amount from now on.

BTW, losing funds for no reason is kind of F-Up.

Interesting that would be nice if lte data was available on a payas you go basis. I have $10 left and was going to just port out but if I can get data with my balance that would work.

I can confirm that the few times our phone has used data by accident, some funds have deducted. Never without data use though. It does seem expensive, so it may be a good idea to be careful until the cost per MB or GB can be established for sure.

To eliminate that, I have placed a hard cap on that sim of 0.

Thanks, chosen & tech-stitch, for your observations about data overages.
That would jive with why I haven't seen any charge-- my FreeUP SIMs are in dual-SIM phones, with another SIM designated for data use.

I also use Google Voice in forwarding mode to my carrier number-- that might mean that with careful attention to blocking data access from other apps, I could manage to use the current no-data FreeUP plan in a single SIM phone, with the needed minimal data being charged against my balance.

My line started to let me use the balance for paygo data. So that makes it a lot more useful for me for the odd times I might need data on that line. The credit was free printing coupons anyway.

Would anyone know what the pay as you go rate is for data?

Well it would have except I managed to burn through my $10 of data in 5 minutes by accident last night. Didn't know wifi went down temporarily.