KiiP: Home depot (non crediting) ads are back

KiiP: Home depot (non crediting) ads are back


Please fix or delete the kiip ads. They interfere with match pot and make the user annoyed. Since you are watching ads for free.

I noticed they were back, too.
On the bright side, my favorite after-Kiip mini-survey is back with the worthless Home Depot ad.

"What is your gender?"
(multiple choice, check one box)
"I'd prefer not to say".

I'm going through the thread where I last mentioned this, and will choose my answers to honor all those who expressed a preference.

Well while we're at it, in the interest of full inclusion, I think they should add one more choice, "None of the above". :slight_smile:

As well as KIIP worthless "Film Struck". all back big time.

I just counted 7 out of my last 10 were these non-crediting Whirlpool/Home Depot Kiip ads. Sent a note to support and Tom as well...this is just a waste of time when 70% of the ads are these....

Glad you contacted the folks who (hopefully) can do something about the problem. Thank you!

I'm getting the same ads, same 0-silver crediting as you. I won't e-mail CN since you have already made them aware of the situation, but thanks again for being as proactive as possible and here's hoping that those KiiP ads start crediting soon!

This will is not the first kiips that do not credit

Cellnuvo needs to delete all kiips. Enough is enough

I feel my time is wasted, thus I will swipe again when this issue is fixed

Support responded that the Tech folks are aware of it and working on it. They say a new App update is coming soon that should resolve the issue.

When working, I like the Kiip ads. Generally quick.

Looks like all the non-crediting ads have been removed from the line-up! I'm seeing lots of 15 silvers Snickers ads now. Cellnuvo is getting much better in fixing those non-crediting ads now! Sweet!!

Wonder when update coming

Define lots of snickers ads mine come in small bunch's then stops for awhile. I hate that

Crunch ad still no credit still there

I'm still seeing lots of non paying Mobile Delvac ads but I'm also seeing plenty of Snickers ads and surveys.

It's certainly a step in the right direction.

Darn it, I'm seeing ExxonMobile ads not crediting now. For a while, with every swipe, ads were showing up left and right. No dry swipe (Swipe that gets no ad). Seeing lots of Expedia (2 silvers) and Snickers (15 silvers) and other 3 silver ads. Regions may affect which ads you're seeing but I didn't see the aggressive annoying non-crediting Homedepot/Whirlpool ads. Two or three HomeDepot/Whirpool ads that I see that said at the bottom, "Redeem Now" got me 30 silvers each. The only ad that not crediting for me is "ExxonMobile" but those ads are easy to "x" out. It's certainly a step in right direction comparing to last few days ago. Hopefully with the new upcoming app will fix most of these non-crediting ads

Edit 9/1: The non-crediting Whirlpool/Home Depot is back. Oh well.

And not mess with working stuff