Kiip Class Action Lawsuit

Received this in my email today. It was in the spam folder but could be legitimate since it's the same email I used for kiip rewards in the CellNUVO app.

Anyone else receive one of these?

"request by class counsel for attorneys' fees of up to 40% of the Settlement Fund, plus their costs for their work in the case"

So, 1 cent per person.

I do not see same email. Looked in spam.

Scary that they stole information

"I only post/read on nthcircle forum"

Ya, I noticed that too...

From what I have seen, it's typical that the lawyers take on these huge commissions on these class action lawsuits...

For what it's worth I just got the Klip class action email about ten minutes ago.

Yes I got an email today too.


Just got it also

Got my $14 check from the settlement of this class action suit....I guess it's a small consolation for the lost time swiping

Got mine too!

OK, so looks like it was more than a penny, congrats! :slight_smile:

So far, it doesn't appear that many former CN users on this forum signed up for the settlement. Though I never received the invite email, I did swipe on the CN app a few times back in 2017, so maybe if I hadn't been so lazy and had signed up for the settlement, I could have scored the $14, too.:frowning:

Darn it I didn't get involved with it because i was hit with a dead fish on the lawsuit of starkist. WAS supposed to get $50. Sorry charlie

Yep, did not bother with it. Figured it would be a couple of bucks if that. Oh well, more for those that did it!

Yeah, $14 is chump change. But I sometimes feel like a chump.

With such small amounts most people received from these class action suits, I wondered why don't people start a class action lawsuits against these so-called "class action suits lawyers"! lol! Now that is a class action lawsuit worth getting in!

Only those lawyers win in the end. People are receiving peanuts and I literally mean peanuts comparing to what these lawyers were getting!

But how much do the lawyers or law firms get if they have spent millions of $s for several years preparing the case and they lose the case and lose two more cases after that? Zero, I believe, and thus they've lost millions.

"Who Pays the Attorneys in a Class Action Lawsuit? Many people are unaware that attorneys in a class action lawsuit typically don't get paid unless they win the case, either at trial or through a settlement. They are generally paid a percentage of the money that's recovered on behalf of the Class Members."

I didn't sign up. At least this settlement appears to have been better than many, frequently settled for something other than a cash payout.
I have no problem with the lawyers receiving a significant cut. It might result in more acceptable settlements for the plaintiffs if they were paid in the same manner as the plaintiffs that they're negotiating for. (i.e., if they accept a settlement of "a coupon credited towards a purchase", they should get a nice big fat coupon.)