Just switched from sprint to verizon. Redpocket customer service did a good job

They switched me over with no trouble at all. They even transferred over my minutes/texts and data manually so I didn't have to top up again. Did it all via chat.

Edit - Went from sprint on the essential plan to verizon on the essential plan. I changed from the infinite plan to the essential plan via a 10 gold top up a couple of weeks earlier.

As cellnuvo promised we would have access to all four carriers

So they are now willing to make the change on a CN plan via customer request?

I am curious, are you using the same phone or changing to a different phone?

I was already on the essential plan courtesy of a 10 gold top up via the app a couple of weeks ago. Once on a generic redpocket plan we are all just standard redpocket customers. Cellnuvo can just pay for the lines using gold.

That makes things a lot easier now that the cell side and the payment/ad side are separate.

This is a different phone. The old one was sprint only. The cellnuvo app still shows the old meid but I don't think it matters - well we'll see when I need to top up. I don't foresee any additional issues.

That's great. I chatted with RP Chat a while back, and they indicated that transferring allotments wasn't possible when switching carriers-- any remainder would be lost.
This may be dependent on the agent you reach.

Yes I was surprised. On another matter a rep was able to change my data allotment manually to fix a mistake. I do think individual reps have the power to manually update your balances.

Do note I had not used any mins/texts/data since the last top up so the rep may have been more willing to transfer it over.