Just an idea.

Hey, wouldn't it be nice to have a video of sorts reviewing how cellnuvo works, kinda like how back when ringplus had their video made by Stetson Doggett. It may even help spread the word. I certainly think it would help. What cellnuvo needs at the moment in my opinion is to start getting their service 'out there'.

That's a great idea! Stetson's reviews are terrific. Maybe there's a way to contact him via his YouTube home page??? It couldn't hurt, and it just might help!

I would not want it reviewed right now, getting .005 for a 30 second video isn't going to get anyone excited. Let's wait for the new improved app coming up according to Tom. Then if it is getting more points per minute of time we can get the review. We don't want to roll out a dud like they did with Healthcare.gov website launch.

I think how-to videos are a great idea! I've read some comments at the Play Store, it seems some don't know the keyword or referral code to enter or how CellNuvo works...from downloading the app, setting up the account, redeeming the Gold for a phone on Amazon to getting your cell phone bills paid by CN. Those how-to videos would help greatly especially to the newbies to join. These how-tos can be done by Tom/CN staff or other cell/tech youtubers or anyone of us.

I may be bold enough to leave a comment on one Stetson Doggett videos and ask him to check out CN. Of course, I've already sub to his channel. Youtubers are more inclined to listen if you sub to theirs as more subs/viewers means more revenue from Youtube for them. I don't know yet. We'll see.

Another good Youtuber for Tom & CellNUvo to consider is HomeAutomationX. They review home gadgets. I asked, when they were having live streaming, if they'd consider expanding to reviewing phones, and one of the hosts, Anika said, "Yes." They are upbeat, provide good instructions, and their videos are always informative and fun to watch! Their target audiences are a little more upscale so having them review CellNuvo will be a good way for CN to expand its market. HomeAutomationX is Live Streaming - YouTube