Jumping Jiminy

Whats old is new . The expression Jiminy Cricket has been around since 1848 . The more things change the more things stay the same.

Funny story. Anything to keep a bearded dragon lizard happy. He might be able to save money by starting a small cricket farm for producing lizard food, but keeping the crickets enclosed and in check might be a problem, for I imagine they have Houdini-esque-like abilities. And crickets do interfere with some people's sleep. Also, I noticed he might get a better deal ordering crickets on Amazon with free shipping, although I haven't seen an offer where these crickets are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping.


"Cricket counter and packager" seems like a possibly frustrating job.

True, but it could be a good fit for someone who formerly worked for that particular AT&T MVNO, or any Millennial who might like hopping from job to job. Either way, it would be the opposite of most quality-control jobs that focus on working the bugs out, since they need to keep them in one place long enough to count them.

One seller of crickets on Amazon mentioned that they always put in more crickets than, say, the 1,000 that are advertised in case some of the crickets die in transit. Maybe they have figured out the average weight of a cricket, and keep throwing some in a box until it weighs the desired amount. Or maybe they just grab a few handfuls of crickets, throw them in a box, and hope no silly buyer will count them.

Hmmm, What a missed opportunity. I could have given a gift that keeps on giving!:evil:
I just sent a care package of Hoppin John ingredients down to the Dominican Republic for the New Year. I didn't know you could order real live Hoppin Jiminy Cricket as well! Next year we shall have Hoppin John and Hoppin Jiminy New Years delights for the cats and my hosts!!!!
SURPRISE: :evil:

Just don't overdo it -- you don't want to be blamed for the next plague! :slight_smile:

Debugger, developer, project incubator, packager, and anti-bug specialists are all highly paid sought after professionals.
I haven't run across cricket language specialist ads yet, but they must still be highly secret and sought after within the industry. LOL