Jam / Preserve / Spread update

Since the Apricot Crofters, we've slowly tried two more Crofters flavors.

First was wild blueberry which was somewhat odd tasting and took some time to get through. But it went quickly once it was eaten atop toasted multi seed bread.

Now we are onto mango Crofters. This is very sweet so less is better. The mango pieces are very nice. It is nice with lightly toasted croissant and french roast coffee.

You're quite wise to slowly try two more Crofters flavors.
Such important steps forward shouldn't be treated lightly.

Please continue to keep us informed as you discover new healthy and delicious food options.

Well since you asked so nicely:

For the first time in a while, I visited Sprouts to see what breakfast meats they had.

They had a BOGO on Pederson's breakfast patties and links. I like that it is precooked and it says vegetarian fed. Almost certainly not as high quality as Niman Ranch but price and convenience won out. It was a slow, careful and difficult decision though.

Reheating is best done on the (gas!) stove to brown them just a little.

Both patty and link are lean, maybe because precooked loses some fat. The patty is the clear winner though. It has an above average spice level whereas the link is mild but actually quite plain in taste.

Unfortunately, I didn't go back in time to stock up on the BOGO patties. Probably a good thing though as delicious as it is, meat, and particularly sausage meat, is not the healthiest food