It looks that many phones have been kicked out of rp system

After a certain period of time without money in your account, your phone will be released and your number will be recycled. You will hear .... Your account cannot be validated, please contact customer service. Your golds are useless. Because redpocket does not take your golds and cellnuvo does not pay redpocket according to your topup.

Several possible scenarios, not all spelling complete doom.
Their is no question that we should be able to refill a line, and that there are serious difficulties getting it to work.

If the problem originates with the nuts-and-bolts process of refilling an account, and not as a harbinger of CellNuvo folding, the Gold balance should be safe-- it seems to be maintained separately from "active line" status. Your gold is just waiting to be tied back to an active line, and it can as easily be a new line..

The ongoing difficulty with refills is real, and a serious concern. The possibility of numbers being lost is a serious concern. (I'm still on a temporary number, and don't care about keeping that particular number.) The possibility of CellNuvo closing doors and losing our gold balances is a serious concern. It's possible that a deactivated line and the loss of gold balance are tied together (i.e., if CellNuvo closes doors), but it's not necessarily tied together. The 2 are separate things, and only tied together through CellNuvo/Red Pocket.

I am still confused. If the rp system will kick you out. With no funds after lets says 30 days. Why cant Tom take 5 gold from each account and fund us all?

because redpocket does not give cellnuvo golds a damned thing... it does not seem to like that paygo without an expiration date idea either.

As far as I can tell, it is not dependent on how much gold you have on your balance with Cellnuvo.

It seems like CN is buying service from RP in 30 day blocks. I have seen other posters on the Infinity plan who say they have not used much and still, it shuts off at the 30 day mark then you have to beg to get re-connected.

This is ridiculous and is vital this is fixed or move to another backend. Hoe many times will you beg to get an account back.

As bad as the other backend was. I never had an issue. I miss the old system.. at least we had service.

You want Service AND your Original Number Back (that you had for years before placing in their trust)?

You Want Everything.

That is true. My service was paused again also with plenty minutes 200+ there left.
I am not sure how many lucky people get automatically renewed.
I feel most of us are in the same boat...

Just tested two of our CellNuvo accounts & they both have text capability. Haven't tested voice & data yet. Both, according to, have 0, 0, & 0 remaining service buckets, with expiration date of 20171103. We haven't purchased the $5 refill after 20171103 or after learning about the 0, 0, 0 buckets.

Haven't tested the one CellNuvo account that is known to have no data when last tested. Recall that, for that line, we have purchased $5 refill twice after learning that it has no data. It also has 0 in the buckets & the same expiration date of 20171103. I expect that it'll have voice & text capability.

Will update if I get to test more.

i did a add on 5 days before my RP expired date with 5 golds. gold was not deducted and nothing seem to change. fast forward to 4 days after my "plan expired date" indicated in RP system. Voice and txt still works. Data remain unable to connect, it says out of airtime.

no idea how much more voice/txt left in my tank.

Mine shows the same as yours - 0 in all 3 buckets.

My 2 lines still good on RedPocket.

One thing I noticed when checking... the refill screen is different now... possibly due to some RedPocket system upgrade... perhaps to accommodate the new requirement to work with CellNuvo.

i wish your wishful thinking is correct!!!

The good old way is still there, you just need to go here, My Red Pocket

interesting fact...
After initial sign on, I am unable to sign on.
Requesting password reset had no effect... never receive reset email.
Trying to sign up again, results in Account Already Exists.
Signing on from main page, log in link results in Invalid Credentials.

Just discovered that two CellNuvo phones now have no voice/sms/data at all, and goes to when using browser. That tells me that these 2 phones are still in the RedPocket system. They've used next to no voice, next to no sms, & ~40MB & ~15MB of data, respectively.

After above discovery, purchased & screenshot the $5 refill in app. Will provide updates as I get time.

A related issue exists as to the 3rd CellNuvo phone , which hasn't been tested today. Did check the CellNuvo support ticket for that issue, & the ticket status remains pending.

dont hold your breath... cn is going to dissolve very soon. its slim chance of survival is to team up with tello. it has been screwed by rp... no more money for those 30 day plans. all cellnuvo members will join rp just like all rplus members will join ting. lol