Is this normal ? Using Voice = Using Data

Almost the same story as most. Finally got the phone working and i top up once using gold. I proceed carefully and see what happen. My data turn off entire time and made a few voice calls and txt. Tracking were 100% accurate on voice and txt "EXCEPT" the data. it seem like i m losing as much data as my phone voice.

anyone else notice this ?

That is actually what you should expect to see.
The plan does not include defined "buckets" of a set sizes. (i.e., 250 minutes AND 250 mb)
Instead, it's pay-by-the unit, and includes 250 minutes OR 2500 texts, OR 250 mb, or any mixture of the 3.
The tallies indicate remaining balance available if you used it all for that category. So, if you've used some minutes, you have less remaining for minutes OR text, OR mb. (you could use an additional 192 minutes without refill. Or you could use an additional 1925 texts without refill. ETC.)

ok now that make sense. tyvm

I agree that the above interpretation reflects how it works.

But in the following post, there are 2 lines where the opposite is happening.

Not sure why those 2 accounts show up that way. It should show as Kent said - 250 mins OR 2500 sms OR 250mg data. It might update later to correct itself, who knows.

I would imagine that Red Pocket had difficulty setting up the display correctly-- they are not used to per-unit PayGo. (Yes, I know they offer one now. I don't think they have offered it for long, I don't know what the dashboard looks like, and I'm not sure who would buy it.)

The redpocket info is buggy and inaccurate. Occasionally correct which doesn't help.

it should be this way... because you got that much voice or text or data.... or and or, not and and and.