Is there anyway to confirm the renewal of the free plan on the re-designed site?

Every time I go to account summary I get the popup to renew my free plan, which has me concerned that something isn't quite right.

That is a great question! While I don't get the pop up, I am almost certain that I should be due for renewal soon. On the bright side, I can now see the minutes and texts remaining (at least on the mobile site). I have not found the account balance part. Later I will log in to the PC side to see if I get more.

You are probably getting that popup because you are within 7 days of renewal, and they usually do that to have you either confirm that you would like to keep your free plan or give you an opportunity to upgrade to one of their paid plans. (I've always just renewed the free plan with no problem, after which I see both my current and upcoming plans on the website until the next 30-day period kicks in.)

As @tech-stitch noted above, FreeUP has recently reconfigured their website so that you can now see your remaining minutes and texts instead of having to add up all your usage yourself from the "activity" link. Nice!

FWIW, I stopped manually renewing my free plan ever since the data was removed from the free plan and they continue to work each month. I have 3 free plans and they all still work. I had even stopped renewing a couple before the data was removed.

Not sure what "balance" you are looking for, but if you go under "Pay and Refill your account" it will show your account balance if you have one. Mine shows I have 20.50 left (from my coupon credit days.)

Thank you! I was clealy looking "too hard" LOL.

I renewed during the first version of the new account page (around 8/15), and it worked the same as the old dashboard. The page has been redesigned again, so I can't confirm that renewals still work properly.

Thanks, techstitch, for making me look again for the current usage counter on the new page. I didn't see it when I looked at the website yesterday, and still couldn't easily find it even after you said it was there. (via PC.) Your post made me keep looking, and I finally spotted it.

I also get the popup to renew free plan, on the new UI site I click the renew free plan and I see the green success message bar. I also get a conformation E Mail

The renewal email I got says:

Was the email you all got the same?

Mine has been auto renewing fine and it there is a box to check if you want that.

The email says "Your Auto-Renew settings have been updated" but I'm not aware of an Auto Renew button. Where do you see it? I looked on all the tabs and don't see anything.

Sorry it is "auto pay" but since it is $0 each month it is the same as auto renew. Right there on the account summary page under "upcoming payment"

I see it. It says "Auto Pay Enabled". Would selecting it require you to provide a credit card?

Mine has always renewed whether I do it manually or not. The still don't have the plan description correct.