Is there a way to tell how many minutes are left each month

Without calculating the used minutes?

There is a display of minutes remaining on the online dashboard. I don't know how often it updates.

250 minutes isn't always enough to get me through a month. I have another phone with limited minutes I can switch to. When the FreeUp line gets close to used up, I hear a message when I place a call that tells me my balance is low and I need to refill. I haven't checked to see whether that happens a little in advance, or right when I run out-- I just change phones. (I still have a credit balance in my account from the initial period when we could watch ads-- if I go over 250 minutes, it charges against that balance instead of shutting off.)

I have only ever had the Free Plan, so I could never use the FreeUP app, but as KentE mentioned you can log in online and see your usage history and how many minutes and texts you have left.

The one thing I've never quite figured out is that it shows 250 minutes and 250 texts at the beginning of each 30-day billing period, but I thought that when they reduced the Free Plan minutes and texts it was for 250 total, in any combination -- not 250 each like it shows. Since I rarely use my FreeUP phone I've never even come close to the 250 limit, so I still don't know if it's really 250 or 500 total for each 30-day period.

From what I remember, the Free plan started out as 500 minutes and 500 texts per month.
They then changed it to 500 minutes plus texts in any combination, IIRC.

And then they again changed it to the current 250 minutes and 250 texts. So currently, it is 250 minutes plus 250 texts, I'm pretty sure of that.

I'm just happy they still have the Free plan going. I don't use it, but free is always good to have!

The grandfathered Free Plan is 250 minutes AND 250 texts, two separate buckets. That displays correctly, just ignore the 200.00 MB displayed as that is incorrect and no data with this plan.

Hello @peterquinn and @johnsmith,

Thanks very much for confirming the Free Plan details. As I mentioned above, I rarely use my FreeUP phone, but it's really nice to have a backup line on AT&T in case my main phone is out of its coverage area.

I am truly amazed and grateful that this plan is still available. FreeUP is definitely my favorite "grandfather" of all time!

There is a box in the dashboard that shows remaining talk and text. I always thought it was a combined total of 500 in the free account. Mine shows no data.

I agree with others that think it used to be 500 combined talk/text, and is now 250 talk/ 250 text.
The change did not work well for me personally: i use Google Voice for text (with data via WiFi or a data-only SIM in a dual-SIM phone), so the old allotment left me all 500 units for minutes.

I'm also grateful that FreeUP has grandfathered this plan for much longer than I anticipated!

At the end of 2021, I'll be facing a problem on how to keep using FreeUP this way (paired with a data SIM, currently legacy FreedomPop): our dual-physical-SIM phones are not on AT&T's "allowed" list for 2022.