Is the free plan gone?

I renewed it successfully two days ago, but today the service ia disable. I got a text message like this:

Your frup free plan 100mb svc expired today. We were unable to renew your plan. Please make a payment or visit or call 611 for more info

When I tried to enable data it says:

Your data services are currently disabled. Please dial 611 or contact customer care for assistance.

Anybody sees the same things?

Can you make phone calls and text? If so, then FU likely switched you to the newer Free 1,000 minutes no data plan. If that is what happened, I believe you are the first to report it.

I am in the same boat (line renewed today). Calls, txt, and data doesn't work (old plan). On the website it says "YOUR ACCOUNT IS CURRENTLY PAST DUE" and I've tried adding another CC but the account is still inactive.

I've sent an email to support to see what they say...

My free plan is still showing 500/500/100 and still working normally.

Mine is working fine. Renews in 9 days though.

Support got back with me...I was a little surprise they worked weekends. In their ticket they mentioned that it was not showing set to renew (but I'm pretty sure I did renew it within the 7 days allotment). It's still on the grandfathered 500min/100mb plan instead of the new 1000/min plan. I was afraid for a minute there they would switch me to the new data-less plan. Everythings activated and back to working.

thank you! I sent them a message after reading your message and problem was solved within 5 minutes! And this is Sunday afternoon! No wonder they were so successful with totalwireless

Totalwireless? You meant Simple Mobile found and sold by Rod Nakjavani :stuck_out_tongue: . Carlos Slim did not realize that Totalwireless could be the most successful Verizon MNVO if under the right management. Now Verizon came up with its own Visible, and Visible will kill Totalwireless over time.