Is TextNow a good replacement for Sprint Free?

I am reading old titles talking about free then not free, what's the scoop? (Reading web site now)...

Remember the old FreedomPop VoIP in Sprint network? It is like that.

VOIP app with free low speed data on Sprint network.

Most apps not whitelisted to use the low speed data but Facebook Lite, Facebook Messenger Lite, and Google Hangouts texting work.

There may be others, but those are the only ones I know of. And they work surprisingly well on the very slow speed data.

And it's free.

Chelle, You're right about Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite but Hangout texting does not work for me. I get the text "You are not authorized to send texts" if I try to do it in hangouts. Do you think it's possible that it depends on the phone or android version? In my case i'm using a Moto E5 Play with Android 8. (I got the phone on Ebay for 28 bucks just to use with TextNow) Also i'm generally pleased with TextNow except incoming calls will NOT ring unless the screen is unlocked or I've just used the phone in the last few minutes. I even set TextNow to "not sleep" and kept the app open but still no incoming calls. Oddly, when it doesn't ring, as soon as it goes to VM I get a notification that I missed a call. Go figure.

I haven't tried to do it, in awhile, so they may have closed that loophole. I'll test it out tomorrow.