Is T-Mobile $5 plan the cheapest

To access to unlimited low speed data?

I believe so-- Tello is the same price, but I think you've already tried that.

You can make T-Mobile a little cheaper: you can pay with refill cards that are sometimes available at a discount. (Regularly on Ebay, and it's not unusual to get them at a 25% discount.) You just add the refill card value to your account, and it will auto-pay monthly from the deposit.

H-H, I'm going to send you a PM a little later today.

Thank you buddy!

Did T-mobile drop the free music and video streaming from these plans? Prior to the pandemic, I used their $10 hotspot plan a few times. You could stream music and it would not count against your data. I don't see anything about it on their website.

I've only read a discussion about this on a T-Mobile forum, but it seems that they have dropped free streaming. I think, but not sure, that the smaller plans didn't have free video streaming in recent years, but did have 'music freedom' streaming. That's gone now, but at least a few months ago, the earlier plan with free music streaming was available if one contacted customer service and asked for it. (The website is less than clear about music streaming in the current plans, since it mentions unlimited music streaming, but the consensus among users is that it only relates to fallback 2G: actually streaming music consumes your LTE allotment first, and then can continue on unlimited 2G at low quality-- but in the meantime, you've used up your full-speed allotment.)

It looks to me you have to subscribe to a post paid plan called magenta in order to purchase the $5 data plan.

You can get the $5 plan on T-Mobile prepaid, gives you 500 mb data. No postpaid magenta required.

Got it thanks!

Just noticed they made the $5 plan in store only. I guess they don't want people using it so much.
I hate it when tmobile pulls this in-store nonsense to limit access.