Is it true that freedompop will charge $5 downgrading fee?

Want to get a few but no money for downgrading

Although I haven't downgraded a FreeedomPop account lately, it does seem to be true.
It started looking like it was a policy sometime in early September-- but you could still manage to downgrade for free, and the possibility was confirmed by a FreedomPop rep on Slickdeals.

But, on 10/6, the FreedomPop rep posted this update in a Slickdeals thread, quoted below:

"The post has been edited to reflect updated policy. To clear any confusion, if you disable top-ups with $0 account credit you will be charged a $5 fee, however if you choose to downgrade as well you will not be charged another $5 fee as there has to be a minimum of $2 account credit to avoid a downgrade fee.

Vice versa, if you downgrade your account and have less than $2 of account credit then you will be charged a $5 fee, however since there will be $5 in account credit you will not be charge another fee for disabling top-ups."

My understanding: the $5 deposit is now required to either

  1. downgrade to a free account
  2. turn off auto top-up.
    You can do both with the same $5 deposit.

My suggestion: instead of getting 'a few', get 1 and pay the fee. If you watch for a promo that has free shipping with $0.99 cost, you're looking at $6 for a line. It's still the cheapest game going.

Are there any impacts to existing accounts?

For new accounts, does it now make sense to order the second sim for 1c?

I think it still worth of it but I have only one credit card... Could I use a PayPal account to order a few?

No impact to existing accounts in regards to the downgrade fee-- once it's done, it's done.

The prime reason for avoiding accepting the offer for the second SIM at 1c (if offered) was that it nullified sharing data to or from that device. Since sharing data is gone away for practical purposes, I can't think of a reason to decline the offer. (Assuming that you want a second SIM-- I think both will have their own $5 downgrade cost, though.)

You can order more than one SIM on the same credit card: separate accounts only need different email addresses. I've heard that there may be a 5 device limit per credit card, but can't confirm it. And yes, you can use a Paypal account, too. A Paypal account needs to be able to accept recurring charges, or the first failed $0.01 maintenance charge would cancel the line.

Hungry-Hog, if you haven't seen it, there is a special offer now:
$0.01 and free shipping.

... or, if you have a Global SIM, you probably have an offer on the main menu for a free upgrade with $6.99 shipping. :silly:

thank you buddy...
how is your cellnuvo service?

Well, as seems to be the case for many.... some bumps in the road.
You were right that the loss of text indicated an upcoming loss of voice service. In my case, voice kept working for quite some time, even though when I set up an account at, it listed the plan as expired. I tried to be proactive, and refill the account through the app. At that point, I lost voice, too-- and now hear the RedPocket refill message when attempting to call. (I think a similar course of events was first reported by Isamorph.)
So now I'm waiting for that refill to take place. The app does show a confirmation number for the transaction. If it doesn't happen today, I'll email Support.
I have another phone to use.

i used paypal but it only allowed me to buy four sims.

Couldn't find the other post mentioning a $10 credit requirement for turning off auto topup... just tried on a newly purchased LTE SIM... still shows $5.

Zubrin mentioned it here:

and followup comments include links to several FP forum discussions, a link to a statement by a FP rep on Slickdeals, and a link to the relevant policy statement.
Nice if you managed to do it for $5!

I just noticed they want $10.00 to downgrade a new account I just signed up so forget that. However downgrade for my slightly older accounts are still $5.00. So I just now downgraded and disabled top-ups for all my older accounts just in case they decide to raise the fees for them as well.

I figured it out...
When you sign up, it prompts you to add $10.
If you try to downgrade and have no topup, it prompts you to add $10.
So, you should turn off auto topup and deposit $5, then downgrade your plan.

... and make sure to check this link - to ensure canceled services are actually canceled.

So if I deposit $5 to turn off top-up, then it will let me downgrade without adding another $5?