Is it true that fp is going to charge administrative fees on all accounts?

I don't want to pay no recurring fees for 250 megabytes of data.

I don't think anyone knows for certain, except possibly FreedomPop.
I've seen a couple of people report a $1.88 charge, and one comment from a rep in the FP forum saying it was an administrative charge. I have NOT seen widespread reports of it.
I have seen a couple of reports of $3.49 administrative charges for users in San Francisco, which is apparently a required payment-in-lieu-of-taxes fee that is supposed to apply to all phone plans for San Francisco residents.
If any similar charge applies to your FP line, it should be visible in your dashboard, both under 'next month's charge' and 'recurring charge' items in the Billing menu. I've looked at my lines, and there's nothing there to indicate a new charge.

The current version (updated last month) of the FP TOS has wording that would seem to allow such charges. I haven't tried to locate the previous TOS version to see whether this is a change, or whether it was already there.

I have been getting consistent monthly $0.01 charge on my LTE SIMs. Now they're trying to implement a $6.99/mo fee for you to turn off auto top-up. So in effect you will be paying $7+ a month for 200mb of data. Ridiculous!

Looks like they are trying to get rid of all the free users.

[li] no[/li]

KentE I heard the same rumor and came here to ask for confirmation. I would not pay any recurring fee for 250MB data because if I pay a few dollars I can get unlimited data somewhere else.


I don't think you must pay 7 bucks. You just need to be careful and don't exceed the data limit.

200mb of free data? good luck with that. one accidental app update or loading of one of the more fancy web page might take you over 200mb in one shot.

If one has GV#, or doesn't care about about a new phone number every 3 months, there seems to be plenty of these 4$ ( $12 for 3 months ) a month for 1GB + unlimited talk and text Freedompop sims on sale at Ebay.

Target and Best buy both have the Freedompop 3-month 1GB SIM for $9.99. It's been on sale consistently at that price for maybe 3 weeks, and intermittently before that. (usually alternated between BB and Target.)
I'm hoping the 12-month SIM goes on sale at a good price in the near future.

[sup][/sup]You can use the apps Shopkick and Checkpoint to earn Best but and Target gift cards and effectively get free wireless service. The best deal is actually the 13 month 5GB/mo deal for $150.

Then use CN to save up for the free phone.