Is cellnuvo worthwhile signing up for as a newcomer?

Early adapters have a vested interest of a bank of silver saved up to use
Is cellnuvo at the rate of earnings per time spent still a good deal if you are thinking about signing up today?
How much time swiping needs to be spent spent to earn the various cell plans that cellNuvo will pay?
Can you compare cellnuvo's rate of earnings to other swipe and earn services?

I think that 15 minutes per night is the max that should be spent.

In that time I can usually get 2 to 3 surveys worth 100 to 187 points. If I hit on the right country to VPN into, I can also get a better paying mix of ads.

In my 15 minutes I usually earn 1/2 to 3/4 of one gold, which gives me 15-20 gold per month.

I think the law of diminishing returns applies, here. If you go more than 15 minutes you're unlikely to get any more high paying surveys.

Swiping on multiple phones, at once, is a good way to increase the earnings rate.

It's easy to earn 1/2 of one gold in 15 minutes per night due to getting a few high paying surveys in the early swiping. The earnings rate seems to go down, after that.

Very true unless Cellnuvo goes back to the NON game model and raises the 15 silver ads back to 30 silver. Then it was possible to get 1 gold per 15 min.

I do it a little different than Chelle (and probably lexusl21). I generally do straight swiping on a single phone while watching TV, and generally do nothing special to maximize returns other than watching out for match games that I might win. I'm essentially investing "no time", because it's better than twiddling my thumbs. If I watch TV in the evening, I might swipe for 30 minutes to an hour--and if I don't watch TV, I don't swipe other than trying to get my 20 contest entries in (10 minutes?) I've been averaging a little over 1 Gold per day over the last month. If I keep that up, I could earn enough to buy a $150 phone in 5-6 months, or pay for 2-3 Red Pocket Essentials lines ($10/mo each), or...... (I've been paying my $10/mo phone bill, and I'm ready to get that phone.-- and I did not have a large Gold reserve from the early days.)

I've never used another swipe-and-earn app. From reports I've read here from folks who have, CN seems to be more than competitive on payment rates, while being more restrictive on what you can use your earnings for.

Is it worth it? Depends on whether or not you need what you can buy with the Gold, and whether or not you've got the time to swipe a little. As long as payment rates stay the same, it doesn't really matter whether you use Chelle's method, my method, or someone else's method-- it's more important that you find a method that fits with your daily pattern, and stick with it long enough to see the results.

For example, if you watch the evening news (30 minutes), and one football game per week, and you can swipe half-heartedly during both without destroying your pleasure from watching, you'll probably make 20 gold/month. (Chelle's method when watching the news, my method when watching football.)

I swipe while watching Hallmark or Investigation Discovery. :wink:

I guess I'd be called a newcomer, I installed the CellNUVO app on July 11th. Even with the dry spell where nothing would credit for a few days I've accumulated 101 gold already.
I generally only swipe between 8 pm and midnight while I'm on my computer with the phone sitting on the desk..Luckily I usually get several surveys to credit and a number match or two every night.And one split the pot a couple of days ago.And seem to get quite a few of the Maltesers ads as well.
All quick silver too, no super silver.
A pretty good start to my new phone fund.

puppydude, that definitely makes you a newcomer-- and a very successful one!
Re: your phone fund: remember that you're limited to 100 Gold per month to transfer to your buy-my--phone account. When you know what you want, you might want to start that deposit process even though you don't have enough yet to pay for the whole phone yet. (You can change your phone pick later if you desire.)

(I wish I'd done that earlier, but did not. Now I have enough for my phone, but it will take me a couple of months to transfer enough gold to get it.)

Kent is correct.

If you know you want a phone, but not a 100%
On what phone. You still need to start the phone installment for Amazon since $100 is limit per month to redeem. So you can bank $100 per month till you have the desired amount. So a $300 phone will take 3 months

Definitely worthwhile if you're willing to put in the efforts. It's not for lazy or someone expecting one or two swipes and demanding where is my new phone from Amazon?!

From working out on cardio machines at Planet Fitness, watching TV or YouTube's, I was able to earn Gold/Silver on otherwise non- earning times. Swipes anytime or don't swipe at all. You're your own boss! More efforts you put in otherwise non- earning times, the more you'll earn. Copy and study high Gold producers and you'll go far with CN,

P.S. Where I live, Planet Fitness has free WiFi and membership starts at only $10 a month. Get good workouts while earning Gold same time!

Thanks all for your thoughtful responses.
To the best of my understanding CN does not offer payments to Tracfone, Tello or Lycamobile which are our current providers.
I suspect I get greater rewards from taking kids fishing than I would ever get swiping for CN . It is just the way i am wired.
Someone else may swipe and use the proceeds they take off their bill towards a fishing trip for kids. I get it, and admire them for it.
I think that is too indirect for me..

True. Cellnuvo is not for everyone.

Of course it is free to join. So you can try it at no cost and decide.

Although I hate fishing, I suspect you're correct about the "greater rewards". Maybe I wouldn't hate fishing if someone like you had taken me regularly when I was a kid.

I will take you out to fish

Swipe hard and you can get that iPhone.

Just got back from fishing. Too hot. Anyways, I bought a samsung s7 off amazon. Awesome phone. But since i bought in april, Nuvo won't let me buy another phone until april 2019 with my gold. So I am putting in installments for the 255 red pocket annual plan. Money will go to my amazon account...