Is cellmuvo stoll in busines?

it is awfully quiet here

Yes they are

Two people banned from the forum so we are enjoying some peace and quiet.

No updates today.

Quite is good. Better then $h@@T Storm

i will be damned if cellnuvo is out of business. i have over 300 golds.

There are people who have said they have much more at risk.

Have you emailed Tom to ask?

i asked them to fund my account since i have topped up twice successfully but they ignore me.

Through App or using cash?

app.... i have screenshots of the confirmation numbers.

I never expected months without service.

Then I hope you did not invest in Dogecoin.

My guess: Cellnuvo lacks of capacity to develop a platform that can seamlessly connect to redpocket terminal. Redpocket indeed has a motive not to help cellnuvp out... It is actually a free advertisement campaign for it. The more frustrated a cellnuvo member is, the more likely he will quit cellnuvo to use red pocket service directly.

Why cant there be a cellnuvo page on the rp website. Sign in and pick plan and no middleman

in that case many red pocket members will swtich to cellnuvo... huge loss to rp.

(I think you're safe, Michael Corleone :slight_smile: )

I can't imagine that what we're seeing really indicates that, though.
If the core model is profitable, as we've been led to believe, having the business grow without defections makes more sense than a temporary 'grab' that grossly limits the profitable growth in anything but the shortest term.
(There are also easier routes to 'grab' large gold hordes.....)

If the core model isn't profitable, and isn't likely to become so, they're investing way too much energy in trying to get it up & running again.

I think what we're seeing is CellNuvo being stuck in a really bad spot just as described to us, and they're doing their best to get back to normal. Unfortunately, "their best" isn't as good as really needed in this situation. It appears to me that they're out of their element in getting it all done, not staffed with the expertise to get it straightened out quickly, and possibly not getting as much assistance as they need from their new partners.

I think all of us, including CellNuvo, understand that the longer this goes on without significant progress, the smaller the chances of a recovery. I'm far from 100% confident that they'll pull it off, but I think their intentions are good: whether their capabilities are good enough remains to be seen.

Ok reverse it. Put a rp page on cellnuvo dashboard

The middleman is hurting the process

Yes, I agree that the 'middleman' problem is a significant one.

In some of the "timeline" analysis that has been offered here, it's been noted that CN said they were working for several months on a transition, and that before the failure of a business partner, they were only a few weeks away from a transition.
So why is it taking so long to get everything back to normal?

Maybe there's a different explanation.
I think there's no reason to think that the months of work leading up to a transition have any bearing on the transition we eventually saw to Red Pocket as a carrier partner-- or if the plan was to move to Red Pocket as a service provider, it's possible that all the 'middle-man work progress' went away when the previous middle-man (Mobile Matterz/PC Management) went away. That several months of work was almost certainly spearheaded and orchestrated by the partner(s) that were doing the behind-the-scenes MVNO work, and was all "middleman" stuff. We don't know that the planned change was to Red Pocket as a carrier-partner at all-- we just know that's where we ended up.

It seems possible to me that the move to Red Pocket was a quick adaptation to get basic service back up and running, but that all the behind-the-scenes middleman stuff has to be built from scratch now to match up with the Red Pocket system. That includes the CN website, the interface to Red Pocket, the process of signing up new customers, etc.-- basically everything other than the interface and software for earning silver. Just because the move to Red Pocket as a carrier-provider happened relatively quickly does not mean that all the work previously done is still available, or applicable to being used with Red Pocket.

Agreed. Different company equals different work.

Why cant get they users to sign a list if they want 5 gold taken out of their balance for the next 2 months. Then compile a list and give it to RP

When Tom gave everyone temp service it worked. I guess he thought he be done with transfer by then. So the temp service was a manual transfer to all users. Why not do that who agree to take gold out of accounts. Even long term users are getting pissed off.

I said before a weekly update from Cellnuvo is necessary. Or a estimate.

At this rate we going into the new year like this