Is A Payment Method Required?

My mother is using FreeUp and I'm minding the account for her.

Her plan is up and running but there's no payment method on file.

When I log in it's in bright red to add a payment method-- but I'm wondering if I can continue to leave it blank?

Does anyone know?

I am not sure if you can leave it blank as I have always had a credit card on file....mmfacemm's recommendation to use to create a virtual credit card worked for me (I set the card value at $1). You might want to do that if you do not want to chance possible loss of service at renewal......unless someone else can verify that their plan has renewed without problems with no credit card.

In the FAQs, it does say that a valid card on file is required for the Free plan, but doesn't go into any details. I wonder if one could use Paypal as a valid payment method?

"How does the Free Plan work?
Simply sign up and set up your account by choosing the Free Plan. Download Rewards App and start earning credits to use for add-on options or to upgrade your plan. This can be done online or via our rewards app. Subscribers on the Free Plan must login to “My Account” at the end of each billing cycle and manually renew Free Plan or choose to upgrade and initiate auto renew. A valid card on file is required and there is a limit of one Free Plan per person. Remember to update the APN settings on your mobile device to enable cellular data."

"Will I be able to use the FreeUP Talk app on the Free Plan?
No. FreeUP Talk and Global Calling & Messaging is only available on FreeUP Mobile Unlimited Global Calling plans."

echance20 reports being able to renew his/her free plan without a credit card on file.
I wouldn't want to count on it as a long-term work-around.

My free plan renewed a few days ago with no credit card on file. (Uncertain what will happen next time)

I have received several e-mails from Freeup with subject "Your plan renewal date" containing the following in message body:

"Please remember to log into your account at before your renewal date, and let us know if you wish to continue the Free Plan. There is no cost involved, just login and click on Renew My Free Plan. Your Free Plan will then be set to renew for another 30 days."

I am thinking this is in lieu of doing any rewards activity, since rewards reporting can be delayed.

In addition to seeing the " A valid card on file is required" statement in the FAQs, it is also stated in the tos: "We reserve the right to terminate accounts on the Free Plan that are inactive for 60-days with no usage. Your Free Plan will be deactivated, if you fail to login to your account at the end of each billing cycle and manually renew. A valid card on file is required and there is a limit of one Free Plan per person."

So, whether or not FreeUp enforces this requirement is the unknown. Yet the emails "st3fx" received do not mention the card "requirement".

Did your plan renew without logging in and clicking Renew My Free Plan? I assumed the opposite-- that it was a requirement regardless of whether or not there had been any rewards activity.
It's easy to verify your renewal choice if you are actively doing rewards-- just click through to My Account from either the phone app or browser version. Not being a gambler, I verified my renewal choice.