iPhone SE with multiple FP SIMs

... thoughts? anyone tried it?

The description on the dual sim adapter mentions automatic switching... so potentially gives you an automated way to load balance between free FP SIMs. Options avail with 3 or more SIMs with manual switching, would save you from having to physically change SIMs, even for single SIM models.

They seem to have a nice selection of model-specific adapters-- nice to not have to worry about if it will fit, and how to cram it in.

Interesting for sure. The installation manual shows the SIM being inserted differently than my device (it shows the SIM at top above the battery compartment while mine is next to the battery) ... but the video shows it correctly. It appeared at first it might bow the back cover a bit but when they show it after the cover is on from different angles I don't really notice it bowing. The dual SIM device has to be folded over the battery.