Iphone & Android MMS woes

I have having serious issues with iphone & MMS right now. Was working fine until last week or so under all scenarios below. Let me give an inventory of phones/plans:

1 Iphone on tracfone annual plan (ATT)
2 android on tracfone annual plan (ATT with RCS enabled)
3 android on net10 annual plan (ATT with RCS enabled)
4 google voice number (not linked to any of these numbers - using web)
5 friends with iphones with directy with att/vzw
6 android on beast mobile plan (ATT)

iphones (1) cannot send mms to 2,3,4,6. iphone user gets message on their end
iphone (6) cannot send mms to 3 (have not tried other numbers)
3 can send messages to 1,2,4,6 (shows sent), but only received on 2,4,6 (android ph, google voice)
mms between 3 and 2, 4,6 work just fine

on the phone with Net 10 reps - they seem to be having some type of issues as well as they indicate their passwords aren't working (got transferred to 2 different reps)

Anyone else with an iphone able to send MMS to a google voice number or android phone? I have had no issues until recently, no recent updates to iphone either or changes to settings)
Anyone else with an iphone able to recieve MMS from google voice or android phone?

I though the issue may have to do with Tracfone, but since my beast mobile number can't receive, I'm wonder if it's an Iphone issue.